Top 50 Korean Singles of 2021 (30-21)

Updated: Feb 16

Here's a list of 50 Korean singles that I think were the best of 2021. Remember, everything here is my opinion. Before we get started, here are some things I like to mention:

- I only gathered singles from Jan. 1, 2021 - Dec. 31, 2021

- Singles that were digital/part of an artist's album counted for this list

- OST, promotional, and special singles weren't counted

- A Korean single must be promoted to the Korean music market

Hope you guys enjoy my list!


30. Brave Girls- Pool Party ft. E-Chan of DKB

This won't be the last time Brave Girls will be featured on this list. The group released better singles during this year. For now, you'll get introduced to them through a fun summer track in the form of Pool Party.

29. TXT- Loser=Lover

The main factor in TXT's successful output during 2021 was the transition to rock, specifically emo. Loser=Lover is a strong product of that genre, eliciting a road trip, rebellious-type of sound.

28. fromis_9- We Go

fromis_9 enjoyed a successful 2021. Out of all their tracks, We Go remains as their crown jewel. This summer track grabs you effectively by the ears, especially when they sing the word "now".

27. ONEUS- Black Mirror

ONEUS was busy during 2021. The group released a good amount of singles (if counting their Theatre project). Out of them all, none was as classy and groovy as Black Mirror. If you want to get your groove on, this track is perfect to play for that mood!

26. Yuqi- Bonnie & Clyde

As retro dominated K-Pop in 2021, Yuqi was more than happy to chime in with Bonnie & Clyde. It's sung entirely in English, making the placement here a bit odd. Whatever market it belongs to, this track deserves to be on any end-of-the-year list. Her deep vocal tone is the highlight of this single!

25. ONF- Goosebumps

ONF's last single before military enlistment (sans U), Goosebumps is just like the name suggests. It elicits a Halloween vibe with a piercing synth loop traveling across the song. You would expect something wholesome or uplifting before their break, but ONF ignored that trend and released a track that complements the group's strength. Now we wait patiently for their return. Sigh.

24. BAE173- Loved You

Does G-Dragon Crooked ring a bell when hearing this track? To long-time K-Pop fans, Loved You brings that sense of familiarity, and that's due to the emotive instrumental and chorus. It's a highly underrated song!

23. Chancellor ft. Gaeko- Midnight

You're forgiven if you thought this was an unreleased single from Michael Jackson. After all, Midnight exceedingly emulated the artist's late-70's sound. Chancellor did right by delivering this addicting song!

22. ATEEZ- Eternal Sunshine

Looking for a robust, summer-type track? Eternal Sunshine has your back! The track surges with power, as it effectively embraces the bright concept. The chorus is enjoyable, but the post-chorus takes that level up a notch.

21. DRIPPIN- Young Blood

The vocal audio is a bit odd but rest assured. Young Blood is still a great track to listen to. Without the solid instrumental and melodies, this song wouldn't have found its way onto my list. Luckily, Blood made sure they're convincing enough to be on my list!

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