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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2021: 10-1*

Updated: 7 days ago


10. BDC- Moon Rider

9. UP10TION- Spin Off

8. Brave Girls- Chi Mat Ba Ram

7. OnlyOneOf- libidO

6. Golden Child- Burn It

5. TXT ft. Seori- 0X1=Lovesong

4. Brave Girls- After We Ride

3. SHINee- Atlantis

2. ONF- Beautiful Beautiful

A sonic sequel to their 2018 masterpiece, ONF shows they're not abandoning the upbeat, maximum pop music K-pop is slowly fading away from.

Starting with a "Brrram ppabam ppabam ppamppam" chant in panache style, Beautiful Beautiful delivers a buoyant, funky pop sound with a standout chorus operating in the middle. The refrain is sturdy and catchy, unable to give a dull moment during its runtime.

Along with other highlights like the building pre-chorus and acapella version of the chant, every bit of this song is 100% pure pop goodness!

1. Key- Bad Love

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