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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2022: 50-41*

Updated: Jan 31

Happy New Year! It's time for another countdown!

This list includes my top 50 K-pop singles of 2022, but this one is a bit different.

I'm starting at #45 (for now) because it's hard to choose which five songs will fill #50-46. Some tracks are solid, but not enough to impress me. Only time will tell if I add those tracks to my list, so you guys have to settle for my top 45 K-pop singles for the time being.

Before moving to the list, let's recap K-pop 2022.

Four things come to mind when thinking about K-pop in 2022:

1) Girl groups dominated the music scene, spearheaded by newcomers

2) Rock appeared more in K-pop

3) Y2K also appeared more as the year went by

4) K-pop needs to release more high-quality tracks

Those came to mind when thinking about K-pop in 2022. The industry released some highlights here and there, but I need more song-of-the-year releases every month. Fortunately, newcomers are showing a bright future for the genre.

With all that said, let's head onto the list!


50-46. TBA

45. LE SSERAFIM- Antifragile

Antifragile can either hit or miss. Some of the vocal tones are questionable, but the song gets by with its reggaeton-influenced beat, magnetic chorus, and the group's unwavering performance.

44. Kwon Eunbi- Glitch

An experimental song done right. Its dancefloor hook holds Glitch together, though this is a solid artistic production as a whole.

43. UiU- Starlit

The mixing could've been better, but a song with a strong chorus and an old-school K-pop approach is always a welcome sight! Hopefully, the industry can produce tracks that can build from this.

42. woo!ah! - Rollercoaster

Sometimes you need a song that can deliver fun verses and an infectious chorus to brighten your day. Lucky for us, woo!ah! completed both memos to release this fizzy pop track!

41. Tempest- Bad News

Reminiscent of Seventeen's debut year, Tempest came with radiant energy as a way to introduce themselves through this track. It took a while, but this song grew on me thanks to its entertaining atmosphere.

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