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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2022: 40-31*



40. Wonho- Eye On You

Wonho continues to be a standout K-pop soloist with this synth-rugged dance track. Eye On You could've been more dynamic, but this is another solid work by him.

39. Changmin- Devil

You don't often hear this sound in K-pop. I'm not a huge fan of this particular style, but SM provides Changmin with a solid R&B production to carry on his shoulders.

38. Victon- Chronograph

Opening with an incredible guitar loop, Chronograph wastes no time getting into its outstanding chorus, reminiscent of SHINee or UP10TION's Spin Off. Do Hanse's second-verse rap is interesting (to say the least), but there's no denying how strong the production is.

37. TXT- Good Boy Gone Bad

I would've expected to turn down Good Boy Gone Bad with the way it sounds. Yet, the repetition of the titular track within an angsty rock atmosphere found a way inside my head. It also helps that TXT sells this concept well.

36. JinJin & Rocky- Just Breathe

Just Breathe is a ton of fun! I enjoy its funky rhythm (reminds me of Uptown Funk) and fun-natured chorus. The post-chorus counting is a personal favorite, paving way for a brassy breakdown to add more charm.

35. mimiirose-Rose

Offering an instrumental similar to Eleven's, mimiirose provides another great K-pop debut track thanks to its addictive soundscape and hefty chorus, featuring an ear-catching whistle!

34. LE SSERAFIM- Fearless

Delivering a minimalist chorus is an intriguing way to introduce yourself in the K-pop industry. However, LE SSERAFIM sells this well with tasty repetitions, efficient simplicity, and a sleek dance rhythm.

33. Nayeon- Pop!

You know what you're getting when Nayeon releases a song called Pop! - a catchy pop track that she has experience with, making her debut a success.

32. Pixy- Villain

Villain might be the coolest girl group song in 2022. Released in June, this single arrived too early for Halloween with its eerie yet satisfying hook and experimental dark atmosphere.

31. Dreamcatcher- Maison

Maison could've benefited from a stronger chorus to become a better track, but everything surrounding the hook is marvelous. The song marches through with dramatic flair, and its climax is a chilling thriller!

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