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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2022: 30-21*




30. DRIPPIN- Villain

Villain kicked off DRIPPIN's exciting trilogy with its funky electro beat, filled with unwavering confidence. The song succumbs to an overused trope during the second verse, but the group's performance and swinging chorus are too good to turn down.

29. Jin- The Astronaut

Before his enlistment, Jin teamed up with Coldplay to release this pretty pop-rock track as a "gift to fans," delivering a heartfelt vocal performance over a gorgeous instrumental. We will surely miss Jin during his time in the military.

28. Key- Gasoline

Taking a cue from Lil Nas X's Industry Baby, Key came out with this ferocious single highlighting his powerful charisma. A hype track like Gasoline won't work unless it has a commanding performer. Thankfully, Key tackled this brassy victory-like song.

27. Nature- Limbo!

Miss the time when K-pop would release songs like Bo Peep Bo Peep and Bar Bar Bar? Look no further than Limbo!, bringing back that style to the current generation with its bizarre yet entertaining soundscape.

26. Cherry Bullet- Love in Space

Love in Space has your back if you're looking for a catchy girl group track. It's the strongest Cherry Bullet has sounded, offering an addictive central refrain and stabby synth post-chorus within an exciting atmosphere.

25. Super Junior- Mango

You don't have to tell Super Junior to put on their dad pants and release an addictive pop song like Mango. They have experience producing fun, catchy singles, so this is another cakewalk for them.

24. IVE- Love Dive

If Eleven showed us what kind of group IVE will be, Love Dive showed what IVE is - a chameleon-like group releasing interesting, satisfying pop tracks. Love Dive is one of 2022's most iconic songs, thanks to its electronic soundscape and haunting woos.

23. WJSN- Last Sequence

While known for releasing spacey synth singles, WJSN decided to be dancefloor queens with this groovy electronic track. Last Sequence relies heavily on its instrumental, providing a great rhythm and sound. Although, the girls also do an excellent job of delivering great vocal melodies.

22. CRAVITY- Adrenaline

Adrenaline rides on an irresistible, funky beat that brings the best out of this group. As impressive as the chorus is, I'm more fascinated by the first forty seconds of the song, prominently building to CRAVITY delivering a knockout dance track.

21. Acid Angel from Asia- Generation

Acid Angel from Asia is the first sub-unit for the upcoming girl group tripleS, and the interest has peaked thanks to this jam. You'd be ill not bopping along to this funky track and not be enamored by its addictive "la la la."

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