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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2022: 20-11*





20. BIGBANG- Still Life

Only a group like BIGBANG can raise the quality of a soft rock track like Still Life. What stuck with me was the emotional la la la, which honestly sounds like a lost Beatles track. Listening to this song is a good reminder there's no one in the industry like BIGBANG, offering rich vocal textures and emotions.

19. Max Changmin- Maniac

Fans of good theatrical glam rock music will be pleased with Changmin's Maniac. Every bit of this song screams fun old-school pop music, and who's better for the job than Max Changmin? Certainly one of K-pop's most surprising releases of 2022.

18. KB- Be Free

Part of OnlyOneOf's Underground Idol series, KB comes through with firm confidence and charisma to deliver this funky solo track featuring a killer chorus to spare.

17. Brave Girls- Thank You

Even though Brave Girls didn't release much in 2022, they still delivered this fun electro-funk track. Thank You has an undeniable groove, and I like its use of vocoder during the feel-good refrain.

16. from20- Chemical

Why is this track underrated? from20 mastered this synthwave work with his infectious voice and melodies over a glistening production. My favorite part of the track is the repetition of Chemical on top of a bright synth line, making the listening experience worth every second.

15. NewJeans- Attention

K-pop's poster child for the Y2K revival. In an era when the girl group landscape needed a fresh sound, rookie group NewJeans saved the day with this airy 00s R&B-influenced track. Already, the delivery of the title track is an iconic earworm.

14. Wonho- Crazy

Crazy might be the best Wonho track to date. It's all thanks to the infectious guitar riff, dynamic chorus, and the fire-rapid delivery appearing during the opening and post-chorus. Wonho shows he has a great sense of rhythm.

13. Rie- Because

Rie delivers the best song from OnlyOneOf's Underground Idol series due to its sentimental soundscape. The feeling is apparent during the opening, reaching its full potential during the rousing chorus. Rie does a great job of evoking strong emotions in this pop-rock track.

12. iKON- But You

Who knew that iKON could match well with synthwave? From the gorgeous synth-dripped opening to the anthemic chorus, But You drives forward with a rich production getting the best out of iKON's vocalists.

11. Rocket Punch- Chiquita

Rocket Punch threw down the gauntlet to deliver this energetic track, presenting themselves as synth warriors. Chiquita has a lot of staying power due to its delicious synth riff and effective chorus.

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