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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2022: 10-1*

Updated: Mar 30






10. ALICE- Dance On

After a few years as Elris, the group rebranded to ALICE and delivered this fun-natured dance track - well, this was after their first track back in May.

Still, the group released one of K-pop's most surprising comebacks. As a "nugu" group, this is a solid piece of pop music!

9. Tempest- Can't Stop Shining

Can't Stop Shining is just good old-fashioned pop music!

Tempest debuted with a fun track, but they outdid themselves with this feel-good dance single. Part of me thinks of Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling, which is great because we need more catchy songs like this gem!

8. CSR- Pop? Pop!

Just as we thought the early Lovelyz/GFriend sound would disappear, CSR came in to keep the style alive and well!

This bubbly debut is one of 2022's most carefully crafted works, filled with energy and clever production choices. I can't get enough of its sugary chorus and infectious delivery of the title track!

7. RoaD-B- Icarus

After a high-quality debut song under a new name, RoaD-B returned with another pop masterwork through Icarus.

Even though the verses are too relaxed, the sunny texture provides enough satisfaction, allowing the chorus to stand out even more. As for the hook, it's bound with bright pop energy!

6. DRIPPIN- Zero

After starting their Villain trilogy with Villain, the group continued the series with an even better track!

Zero has the same idea as modern overused K-pop boy group tropes (puffed-up and meaningless). But the song is saved by its incredible two-part chorus, delivering text painting ("up" and "down") and a demanding repetition of the title track.

Zero should serve as an inspiration for modern boy groups.

5. Girls' Generation- Forever 1

After four years of no release, the nation's girl group returned with a roaring confetti drop, celebrating their remarkable legacy.

The first listen was a little underwhelming, but repeated listens slowly unveiled the track's charm - Forever 1 provides a classic girl group pop refrain within a fizzy EDM soundscape, and which group can tackle this production other than Girls' Generation?

It's a well-earned victory lap!

4. IVE- After Like

After a couple of chart-topping, great singles, K-pop's 2022 IT group returned with this high-octane pop track.

Of course, all ears were on the sampling of Gloria Maynor's I Will Survive, which begs the question - do we like this song only because of the sample?

My answer is to enjoy the track as it is because the industry could use more of this energetic, catchy production!

3. Golden Child- Replay

Golden Child continues to be a trusted group when it comes to singles!

Replay adds to their impressive discography, providing a sense of rhythmic intensity with a hefty electro-chorus as its potent centerpiece.

Just as you thought you heard it all, the song surprises us with a guitar-fueled breakdown, showing how dynamic and exciting Golden Child is!

2. DRIPPIN- The One

DRIPPIN's Villain trilogy is a successful project, as all three singles appear on my list. The best track, to me, is The One, offering the group's most dynamic chorus. Its breakneck pace is a thrilling experience bolstered by a sturdy rock-inspired instrumental.

That's not all the excitement the song has, as it also lobbies a galvanizing guitar-electronic breakdown - what an adventure!

1. RoaD-B- Nonstop

It's a crime that this song is underrated - very underrated.

Nonstop is what the industry needs more of, especially from boy groups. Formerly known as BXK, the group rebranded to RoaD-B and enlisted Sweetune to produce this majestic masterpiece. Taking the spotlight is undoubtedly the synth riff and chorus.

Even though this is a bit of a slow burner, Nonstop gets the top spot due to its fantastic production!

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