Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2012: 50-41

Updated: Oct 13

Honorable Mentions


50. T-ara- Lovey Dovey

Lovey Dovey is a catchy electropop track, distilling an iconic, earworm refrain. The constant beat and cowbells only add to the song's fun nature.

49. Spica- I'll Be There

I'll Be There hearkens to the 90s, presenting itself as a fun throwback pop-rap song. The verses are great, but the feel-good chorus is better!

48. Nu'est- Face

This is one of the most iconic K-pop debuts for good reasons. Even though it offers an odd dubstep breakdown, Face still shines through with its infectious dancefloor rhythm and classic hook.

47. Shinhwa- Venus

2012 was about hitting the dance floor, so it was great of Shinhwa to return from a three-year stoppage and contribute to the trend by releasing this electropop banger.

46. AOA- Elvis

Peppy from the get-go, Elvis makes itself known as a catchy debut song with its bratty yet compulsive verses and quirky instrumental. The highlight of this track is undoubtedly the multi-part refrain.

45. B.A.P- No Mercy

Want a K-pop equivalent to We Will Rock You? Look no further than No Mercy. This song is perfect for a live audience due to its stompy soundscape, and the traditional-infused breakdown is worthy of much applause!

44. BtoB- WOW

WOW is a lethal modern new jack swing jam, providing lively, percussive verses while its chorus operates with excitement. The repeating "I like it" does the trick here.

43. Nu'est- Action

Nu'est came roaring back with a better song after their incredible debut. Although it features a bizarre dubstep breakdown like Face, Action's punchy verses and dramatic chorus aren't worth ignoring.

42. T-ara- Sexy Love

Sexy Love heightens Lovey Dovey's electropop sound to a more accomplished, meatier production. The song opens up with a quirky electronic beat before slowly building to an exciting multi-part hook.

41. U-KISS- DoraDora

DoraDora's rock-influenced refrain is a treat to enjoy, but everything before it is the song's crowning moment. The first minute of this track waste no time delivering gripping melodies. Every second of it is a highlight, especially that DoraDora repetition!

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