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Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2012: 40-31*

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40. B.A.P- Warrior

2012 was a year of exciting debuts, and Warrior laid the groundwork for that event. B.A.P burst out of the gates with this brass-heavy, warlike production, proving to be a formidable group to fear.

39. Apink- Hush

Compared to their previous singles, Hush is a slightly mature, catchier dance-pop track that offers an enjoyable hook and a sweeter disco-influenced post-hook. The titular refrain certainly does the trick!

38. 9Muses- News

News chugs over an active synth line since its start time, hardly taking a breath while offering piercing electronic moments to save you from boredom. The production is highly addicting!

37. F.T. Island- Severely

After an electrifying guitar solo, Severely slowly takes its time before dropping an awe-inspiring chorus, letting leadman Hongki work his magic. Ever since its release, Severely's chorus stands as a timeless moment.

36. A-JAX- 2MYX

Influenced by late-90s Max Martin boyband sound, the underrated 2MYX serves the genre justice with its enthralling verses and palatable hook.

35. Super Junior- Sexy, Free & Single

Don't let the song's name fool you! Sure, there are cringe-worthy English lyrics, but the guys bury them with meaty vocal melodies over a delicious electrofunk instrumental. Knowing Super Junior, this is their strength of taking something comical and making it into an enjoyable pop song.

34. Sistar- Alone

Even though they're the summer queens, one of Sistar's biggest hits, Alone, is anything but a summer track. Instead, it's a sleek and sexy dance-pop single that contains an iconic instrumental opening.

33. SPICA- Russian Roulette

Even though the chorus stands as Russian Roulette's peak moment, I think every second of this track is a highlight. From the dramatic opening to the final push toward the climax, every section gives you something enjoyable to experience!

32. G-Dragon- That XX

That XX is an example of a great acoustic song. Even though the instrumental is minimal, G-Dragon single-handedly saved this track with his infectious voice and melodies. Although, the guitar does a great job matching up with his quality vocal performance.

31. Gain- Bloom

Talk about the rich getting richer. After its verse carries out an excellent rhythm guitar, the song "blooms" into a soaring hook supported by flavorful vocal accents. It's like going through a room filled with money to find more money up ahead. That may be a weak analogy, but whenever the hook arrives, the song "shines brighter!"

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