Top 50 K-Pop Singles of 2012: 30-21

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Honorable Mentions




30. Spica- Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette induces a chilling opening and a volley of incredible melodies within this atmospheric work of art. Every buildup leads to a high-quality, vocal-heavy payoff, and the instrumental is outstanding!

29. B.A.P- Power

Power builds on Warrior's sound and injects heavy metal into its power-hungry soundscape. The hook is tremendous, but that "warning" post-chorus seals the deal.

28. 100%- Bad Boy

With the help of frenetic synths and dramatic strings, Bad Boy arrives as an entertaining and tender debut powerhouse. Over the propulsive beat, its sweeping chorus takes the spotlight alongside the stimulating "Get it out" post-hook.

27. Beast- Beautiful Night

Beautiful Night waste no time presenting itself as a catchy dancefloor anthem thanks to its ear-grabbing refrain. It's the perfect song to get you jumping!

26. BoA- The Shadow

BoA delivers chewy melodies over a prominent electro beat, leaving no room for dull moments. The chorus, in particular, is a mouthwatering highlight! Every second of the chorus is irresistible, rightfully ended by a piercing electronic.

25. ZE:A- Phoenix

Phoenix marches forward as an underrated electropop dance song, distributing a winning chorus and galvanizing "fire burn" post-chorus. The glitchy electronics and vocal melodies are tasteful, making sure every second is enjoyable.

24. f(x)- Electric Shock

Living up to its name, Electric Shock is an electropop banger carrying a colossal beat and playful hooks. The most charming moment happens during the refrain when the members sing "Nanananananana" in tune with the instrumental. Points to Luna for her entertaining verse after the first chorus, though everyone gets points for delivering fun, showstopping melodies!

23. JYP- You're the One

K-pop veteran Park Jinyoung (JYP) proves he can compete with the younger competitors with this smooth r&b masterpiece. The hook is excellent, but the post-hook is better. It's a treat when he repeats the phrase "neo ppuniya"!

22. 4Minute- Volume Up

4Minute's undisputed champion. The highlight of Volume Up is its formidable pre-chorus. With the help of Gayoon and HyunA, the track excitingly builds up to a soaring chorus that delivers a knockout punch. However, the final blow comes from the tasteful saxophone riff.

21. Block B- Nillili Mambo

You figured this song would come out full force just by looking at its name. Nillili Mambo is a thunderous party track, displaying several highlights such as its enormous chorus, Zico's and Kyung's rapping, and U-Kwon's outstanding singing.

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