Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 90-81

Updated: Sep 28

Honorable mentions



90. GFriend- Fingertip (2017)

Taking a detour from their main sound, the girls reinvented themselves as synth-pop warriors and released the 80s-inspired Fingertip. The electronics and funk guitar provides a rush of excitement!

89. Infinite- Come Back Again (2010)

There will be plenty of Infinite songs on this list. Because of that, it's only right to start with their debut track. Come Back Again was the ultimate setup for the group's career. The chugging guitars and performative vocals showed a glimpse of what these guys will deliver in the future.

88. Apink- Mr. Chu (2014)

Another song that was an honorable mention, Mr. Chu quickly managed to convince me it belongs in the top 100. I always loved it anyway, but that triumphant chorus is too good to ignore. When you least expect it, the broadway show-esque hook grabs your attention right away.

87. Block B- H.E.R (2014)

H.E.R is raucously enjoyable to listen to. Its production is something you won't hear a lot in modern K-Pop, yet the song's surf-influenced sound is a proven success. Not only does the track display an infectious chorus, but it also features one of the best rappings in K-Pop.

86. Sunmi- Siren (2018)

Opening with a siren, Siren naturally transitions into a gradually building verse before offering a delicious pre-chorus. Once that pre-chorus finishes the song molds into an 80s-inspired hook that's filled with catchy vocal melodies and a surging synthesizer. The bridge is the only misstep, but that doesn't hurt the quality of this track.

85. Ateez- Wonderland (2019)

One of the strengths of K-Pop is to deliver blockbuster performances. Of course, that's only a strength if a well-produced song can back it up. That's where Wonderland comes in. The production can only be described as take-no-prisoners-alive. When looking at an ambitious group like Ateez, it was no surprise that they released a single as mind-blowing as this one.

84. 100%- Better Day (2016)

100% is an underrated group, delivering some high-quality singles during their career. Out of them all, Better Day reigns supreme, and it's all thanks to that heavenly chorus as well as that majestic synth.

83. SHINee- Why So Serious? (2013)

Out of all SHINee singles, Why So Serious? shows how charismatic their vocals are. Opting for a stadium rock sound, the members effortlessly sang with liveliness over a hefty instrumental that's filled with great surprises. The guitars, heavy brass, and harmonies are on full display here!

82. Shinhwa- This Love (2013)

Veteran group Shinhwa has seen it all. From 90s K-Pop to millennial boy band sound, they've adapted to the changing music industry. This Love is an example, hopping on that early 2010s club sound. Just when you thought it was going to be a typical club banger, the track transforms into a euphoric anthem that makes a grand assault to the ears.

81. Big Bang Love Song (2011)

Love Song is as warm as any song can get. The production is fully realized here, as the members sang with maturity throughout the whole track. The only time they let the instrumental do the talking is during the chorus when that chugging guitar gains the spotlight.

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