Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 9

Updated: May 20

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9. Infinite- Back (2014)



Back opens up with a sorrowful piano melody with Dongwoo pleading "can you save me?"

First Verse

From here, the song is a build-up for more intense. During this segment, Sungkyu delivers melodies in a ballad-ready voice. His whole verse is something you would expect to hear in a typical k-ballad track.

Then we have Hoya, who in Be Mine offered half of the rapping. But here, he shows his ability as a vocalist. Also, the instrumental picks up a bit by adding strings.


The song gains more steam by adding more instruments. The wobbly synthesizer, haunting percussion, and splashes of a Latin-inspired guitar complement the piano and strings. While that's happening, Woohyun and Sungkyu deliver with rich vocal tones, paving the way for Hoya to deliver "Save me" before the drop.


After experiencing a delicate 75-second build-up, Back turns heads with its enormous beat. The wobbly synth turned into something larger. While performative, it keeps the song's pathos alive. An electro bass and strings add to the drop's dramatic sound.


It starts getting better. After that colossal drop, we finally hear the vocals - and there's plenty to highlight.

L delivers "dorawajwo" followed by nine counts of "back." The repetition of "back" is the song's ultimate weapon.

But the vocals aren't done yet. Sungkyu belts out his lines afterward, Hoya sings "dorawajwo I want you back back back..." again, then Woohyun closes things out with his tenacious voice. These vocal moments are happening while the strings and electro bass enhance the stirring deliveries - truly epic!


You thought that was it? The breakdown says otherwise.

The synth sounds spectacular here. Halfway through, the synth changes its tone to more alien-like, adding one final surprise to this engaging production.

Second Verse

Things settle down here after that firework show, but this verse is much more active than the first. L, Sungkyu, and Sungjong all give emotive vocals over that distorted synth and strings. The second verse is relatively short, but it provides something new and exciting.


Again, I won't be reviewing the second pre-chorus, but this one caught my attention. The melancholic sound returns with Dongwoo leading the way. Compared to his low-toned rapping in Be Mine, this pre-chorus shows how dynamic his voice is.

Along with the melodic strings and Latin-influenced guitar, one vocal color caught my ears, and that is Sungjong. When he sings "Can you save Can you save me", his voice sounds like a female. It's one of the most unique vocal tones I've heard in K-Pop.


You would expect another chorus here. Instead, we have the bridge sooner than expected. This bridge is short, but it's an effective build-up for the song's final moment. Sungyeol led the charge over the rising instrumental, much to the climax's pleasure.


Woohyun let out a soaring "yeah" at the start of this climax. It's a chilling vocal moment, leading the chorus to the finish line. When Back reaches its finale, it sends us off with a powerful electric guitar note.

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