Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 80-71

Updated: May 12

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80. Astro- Hide & Seek (2016)

I feel like this can be forgotten, but Hide & Seek is one of the best K-Pop debuts. The bright, poppy track packs a punch, pulling surprises from left to right. Once that chorus starts, the guys charismatically deliver an infectious hook that will brighten your day a lot more.

79. Big Bang- Lies (2007)

The song that launched the group to superstardom. In a time when r&b/hip-hop was the trend, Lies stood out amongst the tracks due to its roof-blowing chorus that has become an instant classic.

78. Brown Eyed Girls- Brave New World (2015)

A reinvention of 70s disco, Brave New World sees the group deliver an astounding production! The track is filled with fun elements, such as the delicious adlibs and the groove-infused string section. Right in the middle is that chorus that catches you off guard once you hear it.

77. Sistar- I Swear (2014)

When showing a group like Sistar, it's only right to show a summer track, given they're called the "Summer Queens". To me, I Swear is the best representative of the season. The lively vocals, the contagious chorus, and the irresistible brass are what make this song a true summer hit!

76. 9Muses- Wild (2013)

When thinking of a group that deserved more recognition than they received, my mind can only think of 9Muses. They delivered a handful of great singles, putting them up there amongst my favorite girl groups. The song that should've placed them at the top is Wild. From the 80s-inspired unflagging electronic beat to the layered vocals, this track is as monstrous as any girl group song can get.

75. Kara- Lupin (2010)

Like 9Muses, Kara has also delivered a handful of great singles. Amongst them, Lupin stands as their most unique track. Once you get through the first minute, the song takes a unique turn and offers an ABBA-esque chorus that truly soars into your ears!

74. Boyfriend- Love Style (2012)

We're still at it with 80s-inspired tracks. I have to mention, the last two songs were produced by producing team Sweetune. Why did I bring that up? Because they also produced this track! And don't get fooled by the group's name. They've delivered some high-quality singles, and Love Style is one of them. This song is packed with fun melodies and a flavorful instrumental.

73. TVXQ!- Mirotic (2008)

TVXQ!'s most iconic release to date. Mirotic's jerky instrumental and breathtaking vocal performances have become a staple in K-Pop history. Of course, the song gets into your head when the guys enchantingly sing "I got you under my skin". Definitely one of the most recognizable lines in the K-Pop.

72. Boyfriend- I Yah (2013)

I Yah is such a sucker-punch of a song. The rhythmic guitars and synth accents awesomely surround that powerful, layered chorus. This is the most aggressive and potent the guys have sounded in any of their singles.

71. Shinhwa- Perfect Man (2002)

Remember what I said about Shinhwa adjusting to music trends? Well, this is another example. Favoring millenial boy band sound, Perfect Man is perhaps the group's most recognizable song. It's all about that catchy and formidable chorus, which remains an instant classic.

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