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8. BTS- I Need U (2015)



Over a sentimental synth, Jungkook repeats "fall" which matches the feeling while RM supports him by repeating "everything".

First Verse

Suga offers a raw rap performance, and there are two things I like about it. First, the way he delivers each line's ending - "mangajyeo", "an gajyeo", and "samgajwo". Second, the way he attacks "mothagesseo mwot gataseo" with intensity is outstanding!

Then we have J-Hope following him, delivering another formidable rap performance. I particularly liked how he switches his execution, with the latter half sounding more dramatic. Also, another synthesizer comes in and delivers a great melodic tune.


The song amps up here with a rising synth and a building percussion. V distributes an effective repetition of "everything" and executes the delivery again (with different words) after Suga's brief interruption. And, just like the opening, RM supports V with his backup vocals.


This is the moment when everything changed for BTS. Ditching the rap-heavy, boisterous image they were generally known for, I Need U embraces the pop dubstep sound to present an immense chorus. The instrumental during this works like a sledgehammer!

Jimin sings the hook with his delicate voice, and also delivers a couple of ear-catching lines such as "neon areumdawo" and "neomu chagawo" after Jungkook's "I need you girl".

Speaking of the hook, it's emotionally catchy!


This beat is emotively fierce, thanks to the electronics and awesome percussions. It pushes forward with intensity while maintaining the song's feeling.

Second Verse

While the first verse focused on 2/3 of the rap line, this second verse is all RM with help from V. His flow is outstanding and shows why he's one of K-Pop's best rappers. Unlike Suga and J-Hope, his rapping is faster and ferocious, yet keeps that sentimental feeling alive.

V comes in to repeat some of RM's lines near the end of this segment, creating an awesome interaction between the two!

Also, compared to the first verse, this section sounds lively because of the percussions. Rather than going back to its original state, it opts to keep the momentum going after that amazing chorus.


Like the case with Back, this pre-chorus needs attention. I wanted to point out how they used different lyrics here in the same tune. It's interesting, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Oh yeah - Jin finally arrives, and his underappreciated voice is on display here!


The bridge is lovely due to the vocal line presenting compelling hooks with their breathtaking voices.

Halfway through, this section changes due to the rising instrumental. I especially like how the percussion sounds before the bridge ends. However, it's the vocals that caught my ears.

During the build-up, Jungkook sings in rhythm to prove why he is the main vocalist. Then, he and Jimin give one of K-Pop's best duet performances before the climax arrives.


Once we arrive at the climax, Jimin lets out a soaring high note, his best vocal moment in any BTS track. His high note mixed with the main refrain and massive instrumental creates a "firework show". And, if I'm not mistaken, I think I hear someone else singing a high note alongside Jimin.

After the wonderful chorus and backup vocals, I Need U races to the finish line with its potent instrumental. When it reaches the end, the track gives us one more treat by closing itself with that impressive percussion.

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