Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 70-61

Updated: Sep 21

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70. Ailee- I Will Show You (2012)

You can probably think of this as Korea's answer to Gloria's I Will Survive. Initially starting as a heartfelt ballad, I Will Show You turns 180 for the chorus to deliver a firework of a dance track. Offering insane vocals, Ailee proves that she is here to stay.

69. Girls' Generation- Gee (2009)

The ultimate gateway track to K-Pop, Gee set the industry on fire with its addictive bubblegum pop sound. It may be too cute for someone's taste, but there's no denying its catchiness and impact. The song kickstarted a new era of K-Pop.

68. Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry (2009)

Just like the last single, Sorry, Sorry is also another iconic hit from the same year. The autotune is present, but that doesn't keep the song from delivering a stick-to-the-ears hook that has been covered in the years following. From one listen, you know just how classic it sounds.

67. Kara- Mamma Mia (2014)

Mamma Mia is such a blast! You know the track is good when it opens up with massively captivating 80s-inspired synths. The girls brought one of their most addictive hooks to the table, presenting a high-powered refrain backed by a gripping instrumental.

66. B1A4- Solo Day (2014)

Looking for the perfect song to play for a summer drive? Solo Day has your back! The melodies and overall warmth hearken back to the days when songs were meant to just fill your day with happiness. That's what this single effortlessly delivers!

65. Girl's Day- Don't Forget Me (2012)

There's a desperate feeling about Don't Forget Me, but it comes with propulsion. The melodic chorus and glossy production help make this song a standout, and quite frankly, an underappreciated single.

64. SHINee- Replay (2008)

When talking about one of the best debut tracks, there's simply no reason to exclude Replay. This single perfected the tricks of what can make an R&B song satisfying. The perfect vocals and polished beat combined to create a legendary start for a legendary group.

63. EXO- What is Love (2012)

This is how you make a slow song formidable! Before EXO made its official debut, they released two pre-debut tracks. What is Love was the first to get out, and is this track something! The mysterious synth and compelling guitar loop help give this single an identity, but it's all about the raw vocals the guys displayed.

62. SHINee- Dream Girl (2013)

This is pure pop power that installs the instrument's maximum effort and thrilling hooks. Dream Girl rides on a delicious beat before exploding into a chorus that is both fun and vigorous.

61. VIXX- Error (2014)

Error continues the group's identity as "concept idols". Along with its visual storytelling, the song soars with its emotive chorus, backed by a production that can only be described as bombastic with a sense of drama. This is what a dark K-Pop song should sound like, something the industry has failed to distribute in recent years.

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