Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 7

Updated: May 20

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7. Girls' Generation- Into the New World (2007)



Beginning with a sample of Don Henley's The Boys of Summer, Into the New World blesses our ears with its mystical instrumental, creating a world for us that feels magical.

First Verse

Nothing outstanding happens during this verse, but the vocal deliveries are clean and warm. Over a pure and simple beat, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Jessica, and Yuri each distribute an equal amount of lines. This is a proper way to handle vocal distributions for a group as large as SNSD.


Still carrying the melodic warmth, the instrumentation changes a bit for the pre-chorus. Listen carefully, and you can hear a synth matching up with Tiffany's vocal delivery. Both create a pleasant build-up. Sunny shows up, and her part is when the song starts gaining a thrilling momentum.


This is a classic girl-group chorus. Combining all vocals into one, this hook is enormously welcoming. What started as innocent (and still is) transforms into something greater. Just like the title, this chorus feels like you're entering into a new world!


This is a fun little dance breakdown. Nothing out-of-this-world is happening here, but I think this is a nice change of pace for a track that relies on being benevolent. Of course, this was the chance for Hyoyeon to show why she's the main dancer in the group.

Second Verse

Just like that, we're back into the comforting sound. Again, like the first verse, nothing outstanding happens here. It's a naturally clean verse with a shorter timestamp.

Now, you guys might sense that I haven't picked a section where I felt the song stood out to me. That's not entirely the case because I enjoy the track leading up to this segment. Its chorus is stunning and I love the spirited tone of the vocals and instrumental.

I agree, though, that something is missing. Other than the chorus, I feel that the single could've offered something more "explosive".

Well, let's not worry about that opinion because the next section completely wiped it out!


To me, this is when the song starts revealing its peak. Also, it made me realize the structural choice. From opening to the second chorus, the track is one long build-up for the bridge.

Before diving here, I like to credit Yuri for belting out "uriye" at the end of the second chorus.

This section starts with the trio of Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Jessica to escalate this portion. After each of them delivered their lines, it was time for Taeyeon and Jessica to perform a duet and bring forth one of K-Pop's best transitions to the climax. It might even be K-Pop's best transition.

As the bridge ends, Taeyeon and Jessica let out a ferocious "jeonhallae" before stabs of percussion switch to the song's epilogue.


This is the best climax in K-Pop history! Everything about this segment is hair-raising. The main refrain sounds bigger during this finale. Everyone sings with conviction. While the chorus sounds other-worldly, the ad-libs are also a force on their own.

First is Taeyeon, giving this climax the extra oomph by offering backup vocals. She also delivers extra lines such as "Woah ooh yeah" and that graceful "ooh".

But, I have to give the crown to Jessica, who gave me goosebumps when she sang "idaero" and "dowa jweo". Chilling to the bones!

At the end of the day, Girls' Generation themselves shine like the stars in this iconic debut, finishing this splendid track by stretching out "uriye" to solidify their place in K-Pop history!

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