Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 50-41

Updated: Sep 28

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50. IU- Good Day (2010)

An explosive moment for Korea's beloved soloist. While the general trend in K-Pop during this time was dance-pop, Good Day wasn't afraid to go big to deliver an orchestral production. The song is noted for IU's three-high pitched notes during its climax. While the technique isn't there, it showed how impressive IU can be as a singer. Her vocals would improve years later, but this is still a monumental moment for Korea's "little sister".

49. Taeyang- Eyes, Nose, Lips (2014)

Eyes, Nose, Lips is a modern-day R&B ballad classic. I don't listen to songs like this, but Taeyang's vocal performance over the gorgeous piano is gripping!

48. Super Junior- Devil (2015)

It may not be as iconic or unique as Super Junior's other singles, but Devil is insanely catchy. Try to resist the bridge if you can!

47. After School- Shampoo (2011)

The song immediately captures the ears by starting with a fascinating synthesizer, followed by a gorgeous piano melody and strings. Shampoo turns into a tears-on-the-floor dance track during the first verse, setting us up for a sure-to-be emotive chorus. True to what I said, the chorus fires on all cylinders, awarding us with emotionally potent hooks that give the feeling of being sentimental.

46. Stray Kids- Miroh (2019)

This is what a proper EDM track should sound like! Miroh gets it right by injecting a bombastic chorus for people to get hyped from. Before that, credits should go to how the song builds up to its peak. Felix's deep voice, alluring chants, and one of the best K-Pop raps all lead up to one of the most galvanizing drops in recent memory.

45. B1A4- Tried to Walk (2012)

Tried to Walk is B1A4 at its pensive best. Over the thought-provoking driving beat, the members showcase how ridiculously good their hooks are. Right in the middle, of course, is that yearning chorus, courtesy of the group's ability to deliver engaging melodies.

44. BTS- Dope (2015)

Dope was one of the first K-Pop songs that caught my attention for good reasons. From the iconic sax riff to the rapping to the undisputed energy, it's no wonder it attracted many newcomers.

43. Seventeen- Mansae (2015)

Following the incredible debut, Seventeen improved upon it by delivering the remarkably fun Mansae. It regained the foundation of its debut, this time presenting more potent energy.

42. Snuper- Back:Hug (2017)

In a year that saw K-Pop embracing tropical house, Back:Hug stands as the most innovative and exciting material. The two-part chorus is captivating, presenting classic vocal melodies followed by a mesmerizing synthesizer.

41. Seventeen- Very Nice (2016)

Few songs can get away with a chorus that doesn't focus on vocals. Such is the case with Very Nice due to its authoritative, brassy hook.

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