Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 5

Updated: May 20

We're close to finishing!

Again, thanks to those that have been keeping up with this project. It was challenging, yet fun to do. Hopefully, I can learn more from this as a blogger.

I'm still breaking down each single like last week, so no dramatic changes.

Again, we're close to finishing this list, so buckle up for these last five breakdowns. Enjoy!


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5. TVXQ!- Catch Me (2012)



This opening is other-worldly. Everything about it is euphoric. Let me break down what transpired here because this is an insane intro!

Yunho's "Catch me girl" soars above the clouds over a blend of electronic and orchestral.

We enter several seconds of instrumental goodness with a mix of strings - that all led to Changmin's voice rising... and rising... and rising... oh my goodness!

After all those events, you would think the opening stops here. After the robotic "Catch me if you wanna," the intro isn't done with the party - it delivers the party!

The song turns into a modern dance rave with finesse and force. But don't let the beat fool you! Catch Me is more than that, as you can already tell.

First Verse

The track finally calms down, but there's still a dramatic undertone during this verse. Yunho glides with his melodies like an art performer. Every turn he takes is intricate and absorbing. While he's singing, you can hear the low electronic distortion rising like a volcano getting ready to erupt.

Changmin takes over, and this is where you think the pre-chorus starts. There's no pre-chorus. The way it sounds, though, is disguised as a pre-chorus.

Anyway, Changmin, with the help of incoming synths and strings, makes this build-up sound exciting. His repetition of "Tonight" is noteworthy here, but this whole setup is amazing!


This word comes to mind during the chorus- god-level.

You know the duo isn't kidding around when they belt out "Gaji ma" - and it happens again with "Naega wa"! Over a sensational instrumental, this song doesn't give itself up as a mere listening experience.

The duo delivers an effective "catch me" repetition with intensity. Even the repeating "I'm serious" is outstanding!

Everything about this section is grand! Without ambition and attention to detail, I doubt this song would find its way up here.


The song's dynamic shows up here, bringing dubstep to this war-like track. It was a popular trend during 2012, but Catch Me used it well.

Second Verse

This second verse doesn't waste time. At roughly 15 seconds, this segment allowed the duo to deliver their lines before the second chorus.

Don't think this section isn't worth a listen. It still offers passion over a driving beat.


There's a change in tone at the start of this bridge. You can feel the build-up right away, leaving us with the question, "what's about to happen?"

Changmin answers that with a crazy high note before overwhelming it with another, giving K-Pop one of the most electrifying vocal moments ever!


This is when the song turned into an "animal." It can be polarizing for first-timers. It was polarizing for me. Over time, I learned to gravitate toward this breakdown. I respect the song for offering more diversity. It isn't out of place, given the dabble of dubstep earlier.

Still, this is solid experimentation. Screams, vocal shouts, and fun electronic melodies create a thrilling adventure. I also love the imposing nature of this segment.

I like to point out how great the contrast is between Changmin's bold vocals and Yunho's futuristic vocals.

At the end of this breakdown, there's a moment when the instrumental sound like fireworks about to go off, making a nice transition to the song's final moment.


The chorus returns once the breathtaking "Gaji ma" appears. Also reoccurring is the repeating"catch me," which was absent during the second chorus.

After the final refrain, the robotic "Catch me if you wanna" come back. The song makes a final push filled with strings, synth, propulsive beat, and a couple of "Catch me if you wanna" before ending on a satisfying note.

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