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Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 40-31*

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40. Girls' Generation- Genie (2009)

Genie has what most girl group songs don't nowadays - a fully-realized sound with an attractive chorus to offer! It's a much sassier display compared to their previous singles, but the girls easily do it with confidence. In the center lies a catwalk refrain, a production that is rarely used in K-Pop after this release.

39. Girls' Generation- Girls' Generation (2007)

Sometimes, I feel this single gets overlooked. It's not like it gets ignored, but Girls' Generation should be talked about more as one of SNSD's best title tracks. From the delicious synthesizer to the layered chorus, this song has the ingredients for pure pop glossiness!

38. f(x)- Rum Pum Pum Pum (2013)

Rum Pum Pum Pum is a great example of a single that's working off-kilter. The production is adventurous and bizarre, yet it doesn't forget the pop magic. The chorus is catchy and the group's vocal performance is outstanding! However, what makes this track stand out is the incredible instrumental, led by the looping bass guitar and the fun percussion section. It's a grower for some, but there's no denying how intriguing (and marvelous) it sounds!

37. Wonder Girls- I Feel You (2015)

After two years of no activity, the group opted for a total reinvention and returned with the incredible I Feel You. Operating as 80s icy synth-pop, this single became the group's undisputed retro masterpiece. Try to resist its instrumental post-chorus if you can!

36. EXO- Love Me Right (2015)

Love Me Right pushes forward as one of EXO's funkiest and most addictive singles. As mainstream as it sounds, there's no denying how catchy that chorus is over a fun instrumental. The song's final moment is the main highlight, implementing vocals, brass, and synths to create a compelling musical experience!

35. EXO- Growl (2013)

One listen to Growl, and you can already recognize how iconic it sounds. Given its production, this shouldn't work well as it did. But, the memorable synth loop and the chewy vocal melodies are what make this track goes. Better yet, that chorus has become a classic staple in modern K-Pop.

34. BTS- Blood Sweat & Tears (2016)

From Jimin's breathtaking opening lines to the infectious instrumental loop after the drop, Blood Sweat & Tears is nothing short of ethereal. It is BTS' most artful single, blending moombahton and tropical house to create this gorgeous production.

33. Boyfriend- Janus (2012)

Janus is, by far, Boyfriend's most emotive and dramatic title track. The best moment of the song takes place from the pre-chorus to the chorus. The former glides with majestic hooks before exploding into the latter containing imposing vocal-layered melodies that operate like a beautiful snowstorm.

32. 2NE1- I Love You (2012)

A handful of songs can be as atmospherical and dancey as 2NE1's I Love You. The drop successfully replicates European dance music, while the verses provide wistful adventures. Through it all, my favorite moments are CL's rising notes and the track's ending, which is 30 seconds of exciting pop glamour!

31. ONF- Complete (2018)

Despite lacking commercial success, Complete is an underrated pop gem. All it needed was a sense of propulsion, infectious melodies, and a brassy post-chorus to place itself among the best K-Pop singles, regardless of its popularity.

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