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Top 100 K-Pop Singles (90s-2010s): 20-11*

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20. Seo Taiji and Boys- I Know (1992)

I Know took influence from the West to blend hip-hop, new jack swing, and alternative rock to create a thrilling piece of 90's music. However, it's not just the production here that's important. To put it simply, we refer to this as the song that gave birth to modern K-Pop. Because of that, this is not only K-Pop's most iconic moment but also K-Pop's most important moment.

19. Infinite- Last Romeo (2014)

18. SHINee- View (2015)

I reviewed this song for a special collaboration. To summarize, View is an amazing deep house track that's perfect for the summer!

17. SHINee- Lucifer (2010)

16. Infinite- She's Back (2010)

15. GFriend- Navillera (2016)

Navillera hardly takes a break, snowballing with potent energy. There are a lot of musical goodies packed in this song. Whether it's the opening synth, robust chorus, or guitar-driven breakdown, this track treats you to something remarkable at every turn!

14. GFriend- Rough (2016)

Rough is the quintessential 'power of innocence' GFriend song, presenting a timeless hook and terrific orchestral post-chorus. The true highlight arrives near the end when Rough showcases a chilling transition from the guitar-fueled breakdown to a Yuju-led climax.

13. Infinite- Paradise (2011)

12. Kara- Step (2011)

11. EXO- Mama (2012)

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