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Top 10 Singles: VIXX*

Updated: Feb 27

I rank ten singles for this series from any artist to my desire. I only count songs that have been promoted with a music video and are in the primary language of the chosen artist.


Happy Halloween! Because it's Halloween, I thought it was appropriate to look back at K-pop's most dedicated group for the spooky season - VIXX!

The group debuted with a couple of dance-pop tracks. Both are enjoyable listens, but VIXX would explore a better image. From the beginning of 2013, VIXX became the face of dark concepts, tackling themes such as cyborgs and voodoo dolls. Behind these themes are well-produced songs that recent K-pop groups fail to match.

What are your favorite VIXX singles? Do you agree with this list? Comment below to share any thoughts about this remarkable group!


10. Love Equation (2015)

VIXX thrived with dark concepts, so releasing this aegyo-filled track well into their career is an eyebrow-raising move. However, Love Equation's chorus is melodically good and filled with nostalgic warmth. Love Equation is a remake of a 90's K-pop song, hence the nostalgia.

9. Milky Way (2016)

As a song for fans, you would assume Milky Way to be an emotional ballad or something similar. Instead, the song surprises with its smooth disco-inspired beat. Nothing is as memorable and extravagant as some of VIXX's other singles, but the rhythm and instrumental give this track a solid production.

8. Chained Up (2015)

Known for its daring concept (BDSM), Chained Up smartly blends the group's darker side (verses) with the group's poppier side (chorus). As for the chorus, it's filled with catchy, singalong hooks, such as "Freeze! Armor Down!," "Chained up, Chained up," and the typical "nanana."

7. Eternity (2014)

While VIXX kept the dark concept going, Eternity offers a subtle change in sound. Instead of something Halloween-related and animated, Eternity presents itself as a gloomy electronic single dealing with the "fantasy of time." The verses are emotively great, but that wordy hook shines the brightest.

6. Voodoo Doll (2013)

Along with its horrific music video, Voodoo Doll's soundscape brings a sense of theatrical gory with the mass hysteria of electronics and audacious verses. In the middle of it is a sledgehammer of a chorus, providing an excellent adrenaline rush despite the graphic visuals.

5. Dynamite (2016)

A song titled Dynamite should deliver something fun. Fortunately, VIXX understood the assignment and released this entertaining, 80s-inspired funk track. The verses are enjoyable, setting up a chorus that's even more delicious. The saxophone helps create a celebratory atmosphere, supporting the infectious melody to keep it engaging. It's a total blast!

4. G.R.8.U (2013)

Even during their transformation in sound, VIXX never ceded the brighter side of themselves they started in 2012. Of course, having a song such as G.R.8.U helps. Due to its punchy verses and soaring hook, this track is a formidable pop song that can match the quality of VIXX's edgier work.

3. On and On (2013)

The moment VIXX became who they are. After a couple of vibrant dance-pop singles, the group returned with a darker and catchier dance track. You'll be reminded of Michael Jackson's Thriller when listening to On and On. The verses are groovy, the chorus is addicting, and the electro beat/robotic vocals give this song a thrilling futuristic element!

2. Hyde (2013)

Hyde works like a piece of art. The pop structure is there, but its sound is anything but typical. The verses attack with gothic synths alongside taut vocal melodies and chants. A little more thrilling is its hook, delivering zigzagging, soaring refrains over an exciting layer of electronics. If you thought that was it, the song throws a fascinating "Just can't control" post-chorus in the mix!

1. Error (2014)

THIS is how you deliver a dark concept! While Error doesn't carry a danceable rhythm, its strength comes from being evocative. The verses are driven by an emotional piano and propulsive beat, building to a chorus that operates on a larger scale. During the chorus, VIXX delivers dramatic, sweeping melodies over a distressed electronic instrumental. There isn't anything catchy within this song, but Error sounds like VIXX's most important work, and the result is iconic!

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