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Top 10 Singles: ONF

Updated: 19 hours ago

This series focuses on any artist's top ten singles. I counted songs that have been promoted with a music video and are in the primary language of the chosen artist.

Remember - this list is my opinion.


With the members announcing their mandatory military enlistment (sans U), I thought it was appropriate to look back at ONF's singles and decide the top ten.

ONF is one of the best K-pop groups of 4th generation. Their music is hard to generalize, but I think Electropop is a safe representation - that and the group's willingness to create fun and unique pop music with a sense of quirkiness (sometimes).

As high-quality as they're, ONF is often underappreciated by casual K-pop listeners. This list is another chance to promote their music further. Let's look at the best singles ONF has to showcase!


10. Sukhumvit Swimming (2020)

I don't find myself returning to this song, but ONF somehow made this weird mixture of EDM, tropical, and trap a tolerable listening experience.

9. Your Song (2022)

Recorded before ONF's hiatus, Your Song is a fan track released during their military enlistment, showcasing how a company can creatively handle a group's time off.

The verses could've been better (especially the first), but the song is kept alive by its sunny two-part chorus.

8. On/Off (2017)

Even though On/Off lacks firepower, it's still a solid debut showcasing its quirky and fun soundscape thanks to its peculiar drop and engaging, ebullient vocal hooks.

This is more about what ONF would bring to the industry, and I believe they did a great job establishing what sound they'll deliver.

7. Ugly Dance (2021)

At first, I wasn't fond of Ugly Dance (mainly due to a specific vocal sample). After several listens, it won over me with its skillful verses and willingness to showcase its chorus as a grandeur moment by using layered power vocals over an electrifying instrumental.

6. Why (2019)

Modern boy groups often fail to release high-quality tracks dealing with a sense of moodiness, but ONF gets it right with this song!

This is the trick to make it work - produce verses that aren't lifeless, even with a slow tempo, building to a hook that rips the atmosphere wide open.

In Why's case, its centerpiece is an exciting combo of soaring vocals and an exquisite synth melody, making the slower moments worth sitting through.

5. Goosebumps (2021)

A ballad or tear-jerker-type track would've been expected before military enlistment, but this group is too good for that.

Instead, they offered this rugged electronic dance track to keep their sound and image constant, ending their incredible 2021 on a high note!

4. We Must Love (2019)

We live for a good payoff moment in music, right? Lucky for us, ONF delivers a powerful one on this track.

After the first 40-second buildup, We Must Love launches an impressive Hyojin vocal showcase supported by electronic stabs, only to take us to a secondary hook led by a captivating vocal chop melody, carrying out an effective 1-2 knockout punch.

For those who haven't heard this song, its payoff moment is something to look forward to!

3. Popping (2021)

It's all about the joyous feeling in this track, bouncing with bright energy during the verses and delivering a thrilling two-part chorus spearheaded by an infectious flute melody and exuberant post-chorus.

When it's all said and done, Popping's climax is the ultimate trump card, acting as an incredible firework display and putting on the finishing touch for this Summer showpiece!

2. Beautiful Beautiful (2021)

A sonic sequel to their 2018 masterpiece (that's coming next), ONF shows they're not abandoning the upbeat, maximum pop music K-pop is slowly fading away from.

Starting with a "Brrram ppabam ppabam ppamppam" chant in panache style, Beautiful Beautiful delivers a buoyant, funky pop sound with a standout chorus operating in the middle. The refrain is sturdy and catchy, unable to give a dull moment during its runtime.

Along with other highlights like the building pre-chorus and acapella version of the chant, every bit of this song is 100% pure pop goodness!

1. Complete (2018)

Despite lacking commercial success, Complete is a potent pop masterwork!

This is why it's essential to dig deeper into the music industry. Without digging, there's no way to discover a gem like this - and what a gem this is!

At the heart of this exuberant track is a contagious hook waiting to grab your attention with two memorable moments - their compelling way of singing me during "You complete me" and the showstopping, brassy post-chorus - all in a driving rhythm.

Ten months after their debut, the group was eager to deliver a high-quality pop track to the industry - and deliver they did!

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