Top 10 ONF Singles

Updated: Sep 29

I rank 10 singles for this series from any artist to my desire. I will only count songs that have been promoted with a music video and are in the primary language of the chosen artist.


With most of the members announcing their mandatory military enlistment, I thought it was appropriate to look back at ONF's singles and rank them!

Out of all the 4th generation groups, ONF has to be my favorite of the bunch. It's hard to describe their music, but I think electropop is a safe representation. As unique as they're, ONF is often underappreciated by casual K-pop listeners.

This list is another chance to promote their music further. Let's look at the best singles ONF has to offer!


10. My Name Is (2021)

My Name Is is exactly what you think the title suggests. Each member introduces himself in this tolerable track.

9. Sukhumvit Swimming (2020)

Sukhumvit Swimming is intriguing, to say the least. The production is friendly but it's something I'm not attached to.

8. On/Off (2017)

Lacking firepower, On/Off is, nonetheless, a solid debut that showcases its quirky and fun nature.

7. Ugly Dance (2021)

6. Why (2019)

5. Goosebumps (2021)

ONF's last single before military enlistment, sans U. You would expect a tear-jerker song for fans, but the group ignored that trend and released the satisfying, electro-prominent Goosebumps.

4. Popping (2021)

While the drop doesn't come at you full force, Popping's flute-dominated hook and youthful atmosphere offer a great summer sound!

3. We Must Love (2019)

2. Beautiful Beautiful (2021)

1. Complete (2018)

Despite lacking commercial success, Complete is an underrated pop masterpiece. All it needed was a sense of propulsion, infectious melodies, and a brassy post-chorus to place itself among the best K-Pop singles, regardless of its popularity.

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