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For this series, I rank 10 singles from any artist to my desire. I will only count songs that have been promoted with a music video beside them and count songs that are in the main language of the chosen artist.


With most of the members announcing their mandatory military enlistment, I thought it was appropriate to look back at ONF's singles and rank them!

Out of all the 4th generation groups, ONF has to be my favorite of the bunch. Their style is unique and distinct, always expected to deliver high-quality tracks. That's how strong their discography is!

Frankly, I haven't listened to all their songs. That doesn't stop me, though, from saying they're the real deal. Listening to their singles and a few b-sides was enough to convince me that they're excellent!

It's a shame that their recognition is undervalued. ONF garnered more fame this year, but I felt the group deserved prominence earlier in its career.

Well, this list is another chance to promote their music further! Whether you know them or not, I'm sure they'll gain respect.

With that said, here is my ranking of ONF's singles!


10. My Name Is (2021)

My Name Is is exactly what you think the title suggests. Each member introduces himself in this tolerable track.

9. Sukhumvit Swimming (2020)

Sukhumvit Swimming is intriguing, to say the least. The production is nice, but it's something I'm not attached to.

8. On/Off (2017)

On/Off lack immense firepower, but it's a fun and great debut!

7. Ugly Dance (2021)

While the 1 and 2 and 3 and "baby" voice is annoying, ONF, unsurprisingly, finds a way to make Ugly Dance sound strong! It's the strength of the ONF brand that elevates the track with firm vocals and a staunch instrumental.

6. Why (2019)

Honestly, it's hard to rank songs 6-4. I equally love these tracks, but it's difficult to decide which one has the greater impact on me. For now, these rankings have to do. First off, we have Why. While a handful of angsty boy group tracks in recent memory fail to create a stimulating sound, Why is one of the few that succeeds with this concept. It's all thanks to the melodies and that mesmerizing synthesizer during the chorus!

5. Goosebumps (2021)

ONF's last single before military enlistment (sans U), Goosebumps is just like the name suggests. It elicits a Halloween vibe with a piercing synth loop traveling across the song. You would expect something wholesome or uplifting before their break, but ONF ignored that trend and released a track that complements the group's strength. Now we wait patiently for their return. Sigh.

4. Popping (2021)

I would've ranked the last 2 singles ahead of this track, but Popping, to me, offers a more ambitious approach despite its lighthearted texture. It embraces the summer trope effectively, offering fun hooks and a joyful instrumental, with the synthesized flute as the main attraction. It's one of 2021 summer's best!

3. We Must Love (2019)

While it was hard for me to rank the last 3 singles, my 3rd pick was certain. We Must Love, as undervalued as it is, is a captivating-given experience! The vocal portion of the first chorus is mighty impressive, but Love's fantastic post-chorus is the most thrilling of the production!

2. Beautiful Beautiful (2021)

The top 2 songs on this list are in a league of their own. Both are exceptional tracks that provide a musical experience so great, that makes you want to get away from reality! First, we have Beautiful Beautiful, their most successful single charting-wise. It deserves popularity due to its production and approach. While the strategy for K-Pop groups to appeal to the West is hopping on the music trends, ONF does the opposite. Beautiful Beautiful is bright and robust. The instrumental is amazing, the chorus is addicting, and the acapella during the bridge is a great musical gift. One of the best songs of 2021!

1. Complete (2018)

Beautiful Beautiful convinced people that ONF should be among the top groups. However, the acknowledgment should've come sooner when they released Complete. This song is as propulsive as it can get. There are no tricks or experiments needed. Dealing with the standard pop structure, its strength relies on the instrumental and melodies. Its trump card, though, happens to be the brassy post-chorus. It's an underrated song by today's standards, but the quality says otherwise. Truly an outstanding single from 4th gen's finest!

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