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Updated: Jun 13

For this series, I rank 10 singles from any artist to my desire. I will only count songs that have been promoted with a music video beside them, as well as count songs that are in the main language of the chosen artist.

For artists to be qualified for this series, they need at least two songs to show up in my Singles Recommendation series.

I planned on creating this series when I have an artist showing up in three Singles Recommendation posts, but with the sudden disbandment of GFriend, I figured I cut it down to two.

I'm sure everyone was shocked when the group announced their disbandment. For me, I wasn't too shocked, but I was a little surprised when they first announced their departure from Source Music. It just kind of came out of nowhere. But, we don't know what goes on behind the scenes, so this seemed inevitable. Still, with the popularity of the group, it's a little hard to believe they would "give up" on the idol life. Who could blame them though? Idol life seems so tiring.

With that said, I like to look back at their discography and rank the 10 best singles from GFriend. They're one of my favorite girl groups out there. They've given us songs that became household staples in the Gen 3 girl group's music catalog. I have a few GFriend songs in mind that I deem iconic, though the rest of the tracks aren't slouches when it comes to quality.

I would like to know if you guys agree/disagree with this list. What are your favorite songs from GFriend? Your number one song? Any honorable mentions? Let's talk about the amazing work that GFriend gifted us!

10. Apple (2020)

A reinvention of GFriend's sound, Apple shows a more "mature" side of the group. I honestly would've liked the chorus to be a bit more dynamic, but what we have here is fine (and strong).

9. Sunrise (2019)

8. Sunny Summer (2018)

With a title like Sunny Summer, you expect it to sound as vibrant as the title suggests. That's what the song exactly delivers, with the group singing a compelling hook over a lively brass section and resounding percussion. We also can't leave out the funky guitar the track implemented here.

7. Mago (2020)

The last single before their unfortunate disbandment, Mago showed that the group is capable of tackling this genre for us to listen to. In the midst of K-Pop's obsession with retro during the second half of 2020, this song is one of the top highlights. It's not the most challenging, but the hook gets stuck in your head after many listens.

6. Time for the Moon Night (2018)

After a couple of songs that didn't excite me that much, GFriend bounced back with another great single in Time for the Moon Night. With an orchestral element influencing this track, the group delivers a breathtaking hook over infectious strings. Bonus points are added thanks to Yuju's high note during the bridge's ending.

5. Me Gustas Tu (2015)

Still fresh off their debut, GFriend came back with another great track in Me Gustas Tu. It's an extension of the "powerful innocence" concept that is popular amongst girl groups. Here, GFriend showed why it's popular, offering a catchy chorus melody, captivating dance performance, and ear-grabbing vocals. Oh... let's not forget about the bridge that mixes together electric rock and funk.

4. Glass Bead (2015)

One of the strongest debut tracks K-Pop has ever seen, Glass Bead proved that the 'power innocence' concept is going to be a mainstay. The hook is moving, and the vocals are naturally effective here. Finally, it can't be a GFriend song without a Yuju high note at the end, right?

3. Fingertip (2017)

Veering away from their usual concept, GFriend surprised us with the 80's-inspired Fingertip. It's funky, it's energetic, it's fun... this is what you want from a single that pays tribute to the 80's. Also, I just love this track's bridge! Right after Eunha goes "1234", we get this awesome mixture of funk, electric rock, and synth-pop. So cool!

2. Navillera (2016)

These top two tracks can really switch on any given day. It's tough to choose, but I think it wouldn't matter if both of these songs tied for the number one spot. For now, let's focus on what I believe is the second best single from GFriend's discography. Though it still has that 'power innocence' element, Navillera's instrumental is a lot more intense and robust than any of their previous singles. The synthesizers on this track are just insane! It is quite reminiscent of a boy group song, which I won't get into here. The girls are the stars here, providing us one of the best girl group songs in recent history.

1. Rough (2016)

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