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Top 10 Singles: GFriend

Updated: 2 days ago

I rank ten singles for this series from any artist to my desire. I only count songs that have been promoted with a music video and are in the primary language of the chosen artist.


I'm sure everyone was shocked when GFriend announced disbandment. I mean, the departure just came out of nowhere. We don't know what goes on behind the scenes, so this seemed inevitable. Still, with the popularity, it's hard to believe they disbanded. Because of this news, I like to look back and rank the group's ten best singles.

GFriend is one of my favorite K-pop girl groups. Their sound has been through some changes (especially later in their career), but they will always be remembered for the 'power of innocence' concept they started with.

I would like to know if you guys agree/disagree with this list. What are your favorite songs from GFriend? Your number one song? Let's talk about the outstanding work GFriend gifted us!


10. Crossroads (2020)

Though the production is lightweight, Crossroads manages to pass by with swirling strings and a competent chorus.

9. Apple (2020)

Apple's hypnotic sound is a solid showcase of GFriend's musical growth, ditching their usual pop image for something more mature and sultry.

8. Sunny Summer (2018)

As the name suggests, Sunny Summer is a fun summer-filled jam, offering bright brass, breezy funk nature, and a high-spirited chorus.

7. Time for the Moon Night (2018)

Time for the Moon Night brings a sense of longing through its symphonic nature, delivering a refrain that has a timeless feel.

6. MAGO (2020)

Before their unfortunate disbandment, GFriend released the swirling retro track MAGO, pulsing with an exciting disco beat supported by glistening synth textures and a pleasurable refrain.

Even though this is their last single, they went out in celebratory fashion!

5. Glass Bead (2015)

Glass Bead laid down the template that GFriend would successfully build upon, showcasing sharp melodies within a lively, wholesome atmosphere.

Not only did this song showcase GFriend's potential, but it also showcased Yuju as a vocalist to keep an eye on.

4. Me Gustas Tu (2015)

After an impressive debut, GFriend kept the 'power of innocence' concept going with the gleeful Me Gustas Tu, delivering one of the group's most endearing choruses.

This song is similar to Glass Bead but presents a more energetic soundscape.

3. Fingertip (2017)

Taking a detour from their main sound, the girls reinvented themselves as synth-pop warriors for this 80s-inspired comeback.

The public wasn't on board with this transformation, which is a shame because this is what K-pop needs more of - an exciting synth-funk track!

2. Rough (2016)

Rough took GFriend's central sound and transformed it into something timeless.

The refrain is an instant classic, followed by an orchestral post-chorus defining the track. However, the song's ultimate trump card is its chilling transition from the guitar-fueled breakdown to the Yuju-led climax, transforming GFriend into a powerhouse girl group!

1. Navillera (2016)

A familiar melody in Navillera sounds like it came from one of K-pop's best songs.

Influenced or not, this track isn't far behind that K-pop song, constantly moving with potent energy while packing musical goodies. Whether it's the synthy opening verse, robust chorus, or guitar-driven breakdown, Navillera treats you to something remarkable at every turn!

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