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20 Songs You Should Know: GFriend*

Updated: Nov 28

Because it's a chore to rank the best songs from an artist, I decided to make things easier for myself and feature twenty songs best representing the artist of my choice.

This is the same concept as a rankings list, except this series prevents me from thinking hard and long about which position each song should be in. Finding out how the songs stack against each other doesn't matter in this series.

Essentially, this series is about showcasing an artist's discography. The order of the songs starts from oldest to newest.

This list is still opinionated, as I chose which songs are best to listen to from the artist of my choice. I hope everything about this series is clear to you!


I'm sure everyone was shocked when GFriend announced disbandment. Given their popularity, it's unbelievable to think they would disband, but that's the world we live in - we don't always know what goes on behind the scenes.

Because of this unfortunate news, I like to look at the group's twenty best songs to honor their legacy!

GFriend is well-known for the 'power of innocence' concept they started with, delivering catchy hooks within a powerful yet wholesome soundscape. The group strayed away from that style deep into their career, but no matter what direction, they proved to release high-quality music.

Let me know what you guys think about this list in the comment section below. Let's talk about the wonderful discography GFriend left behind!


Glass Bead (2015)

Me Gustas Tu (2015)

Rough (2016)

Navillera (2016)

Gone With the Wind (2016)

Fingertip (2017)

GFriend showed they can deliver high-quality music without relying on the formula they started with.

Please Save My Earth (2017)

Hear the Wind Sing (2017)

Flower Garden (2018)

Labyrinth (2020)

Tarot Cards (2020)

MAGO (2020)

GRWM (2020)

Three of Cups (2020)

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