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Top 10 Singles: Dreamcatcher*

Updated: Mar 15

I rank ten singles for this series from any artist to my desire. I only count songs that have been promoted with a music video and are in the primary language of the chosen artist.


It has been a while since I posted anything on this site... but I'm back in business! Today, we'll be looking at my top ten singles from Dreamcatcher!

I recently got into the group more and discovered they have a strong discography. They're a unique case in the girl group landscape, consistently delivering rock as their base sound. They're one of my favorite girl groups currently working and one of the best groups of their generation.

With that said, let's dive into my top ten Dreamcatcher singles!


10. Odd Eye (2021)

Odd Eye succumbs to an uninspiring second verse rap, but its guitar-heavy chorus is quite the treat to enjoy.

9. Deja Vu (2019)

Although the first half of the chorus could've been better, there's no denying how strong the symphonic rock Deja Vu is. Handong's pre-chorus, in particular, is a noteworthy highlight, along with the uptempo climax.

8. Good Night (2017)

After a strong debut, the group kept the rock theme going with Good Night, showcasing themselves to be distinct within the girl group realm.

7. BEcause (2021)

Released during the summer, you would expect BEcause to sound like a summer song, right? Well, Dreamcatcher said no and stayed true to their image, resulting in a solid horror rock track.

6. What (2018)

The repetition of the titular track isn't the most creative, but What's intense soundscape is a pleasure to experience!

5. You and I (2018)

You and I's verses don't do much other than provide a slow, dramatic atmosphere. However, it's worth going through because the chorus packs a punch with its thrilling combination of straightforward rock and dancefloor tempo.

4. Maison (2022)

Maison could've benefited from a stronger chorus to become a better track, but everything surrounding the hook is marvelous. The song marches through with dramatic flair, and its climax is a chilling thriller!

3. Fly High (2017)

Even though Fly High opted for a brighter production, it still maintains Dreamcatcher's usual sound. The result is excellent due to Fly High's terrific sky-high chorus and suspenseful nature. This sounds like an awesome anime opening!

2. Chase Me (2017)

After an unsuccessful career as Minx, the group re-debut as Dreamcatcher and released Chase Me. Its rock-based sound proved to be a winning formula for the girls, gaining them more popularity after this stunning transformation. It was a breath of fresh air the girl group landscape needed.

1. Scream (2020)

Scream takes Dreamcatcher's concept and transforms it into an otherworldly experience! Its fearsome drop expertly blends rock and EDM, ushering the girls into the more daring and over-the-top theatrical territory. Dreamcatcher is known for delivering exciting, dark music, but this track puts them on another level!

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