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Updated: Jun 24

For this series, I rank 10 singles from any artist to my desire. I will only count songs that have been promoted with a music video beside them and count songs that are in the main language of the chosen artist.


It was exciting to start the Top 10 series last week, so I'm back with another one!

Since BTS released Butter recently, I figured it's time to look back at their work and determine the 10 best singles they've offered us.

BTS' rise to global dominance is truly remarkable. Who knew a group from South Korea would garner this much hype around the world in several years?

The group began with a hip-hop image but found more success when subtly changing their sound/concept in 2015. Their change in sound would continue through the years, but they never got rid of this one aspect of their music- lyrics that relate to the youth.

With that being said, here are the top 10 BTS singles of all time!


10. N.O. (2013)

N.O. should be the theme for BTS' fight as scrappy underdogs during their first year. With hip-hop being the main force behind the group's music, N.O. took it further by combining orchestra and dubstep to create a powerful "rage-against-the-machine" type of track.

9. Spring Day (2017)

One of the best K-Pop ballads in modern history. Spring Day carries on the impeccable songwriting the group is known for. Alongside the instrumental, which incorporates a pop-rock power ballad, this single quickly became a fan favorite and a chart favorite.

8. Boy in Luv (2014)

Boy in Luv is the true turning point for the group. While it still maintains the edge BTS came out with during their debut year, this track opted for a more "conventional" sound as it keeps the classic rowdy style of early BTS alive.

7. Save Me (2016)

Another favorite among fans, Save Me sees BTS taking EDM in another direction. Many would use electronic music as a tool to have fun, but the group uses it as an emotional project. It's one of BTS' most artistic singles, filled with sentiment and a complex instrumental.

6. Fire (2016)

While Save Me focused on being tender, Fire is all about being boisterous. The instrumental isn't as complex as the former, but the amount of energy is enough to make it a formidable highlight!

5. Danger (2014)

Danger is, simultaneously, effortlessly smooth and aggressive. This rap-rock single is the ultimate epitome of their early sound, proving they're capable of having more fame than they initially received.

4. Run (2015)

A veritable tie with Danger, Run's contribution to the group's rising success felt more deserving of a higher spot. It helps that the track is an emotional, surging piece of the rock-dance genre.

3. Dope (2015)

Dope was one of the first K-Pop songs that caught my attention. The iconic brass riff is the star, but let's not forget the rapping and the group's undisputed energy.

2. Blood Sweat & Tears (2016)

From Jimin's breathtaking opening lines to the infectious instrumental loop after the drop, Blood Sweat & Tears is nothing short of ethereal. It remains BTS' most artful single, blending moombahton and tropical house to create a gorgeous piece of production.

1. I Need U (2015)

The moment everything changed for BTS. Thanks to its magnificent dubstep-influenced instrumental and captivating performance from each member, I Need U paved the way for the group to become a global force!

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