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Top 10 Singles: BTS*

Updated: 23 hours ago

I rank ten singles for this series from any artist to my desire. I only count songs that have been promoted with a music video and are in the primary language of the chosen artist.


It was exciting to start the Top 10 series last week, so I'm back with another one! Since BTS released Butter recently, I figured it's time to look back at their work and determine the ten best singles they've offered us.

BTS' rise to global dominance is remarkable. Who knew a group from South Korea would garner this much hype? They began with a hip-hop-centric sound but had more success when subtly changing their music in 2015. This would continue for years with "music for healing" as the centerpiece. They're also responsible for dragging me into the K-pop rabbit hole.

To thank them for bringing me into K-pop, I like to present my top ten singles showcasing how incredible BTS is!


10. N.O (2013)

N.O rebels against the education system with its ambitious lyrics and an authoritative mixture of orchestral, dubstep, and hip-hop. It's the first time BTS hinted at something greater to come.

9. Boy in Luv (2014)

A turning point for the group, Boy in Luv continued their hip-hop roots while upgrading to a more pop-centric, robust hook.

The rock influence certainly helped create a sturdy combination!

8. Save Me (2016)

Save Me experimented with the trendy EDM sound to create an emotional, sophisticated output.

The dubstep breakdown is the track's crowning highlight, showcasing the song's willingness to bend the genre.

7. Fire (2016)

Lacking a proper chorus, Fire manages to be a formidable hype track due to its tasty electronics and potent energy. It's one of many BTS hype tracks that get the job done!

6. Spring Day (2017)

After an incredible 2016, BTS kept the flame burning with this soul-stirring comeback.

Spring Day is, perhaps, BTS' most poignant moment, presenting itself as a yearning pop-rock ballad with its mournful lyrics and instrumental.

As far as ballads go, this is one of the best K-pop offers, thanks to its synthy chorus and emotional vocal/rap performances. The music video also contributes to the overall experience!

5. Run (2015)

BTS capped off an excellent 2015 with the incredible Run, providing emotive rap verses and a rousing hook over a beautiful, propulsive beat.

I also want to highlight its bridge, inserting sleigh bells and infectious vocals to build toward the fantastic hook for the final time - it's a riveting segment to experience!

4. Danger (2014)

Danger boasts one of the group's most gripping choruses, coming off as smooth and commanding (with Jimin leading the charge).

The vocal line boldly showcased their skills, while the rap line continued to show their excellence in this rap-rock powerhouse. It's an underrated BTS classic!

3. Dope (2015)

Dope was one of the first K-Pop songs that caught my attention and for good reasons.

The track pitches one of the group's best rapping, and the energy is highly contagious. Even with those aspects, Dope is defined by its undisputed star- the iconic saxophone riff!

If this was your first time with BTS, I'm sure you were amazed by the production, just like I was!

2. Blood Sweat & Tears (2016)

Blood Sweat & Tears is BTS' most artful single, blending moombahton and tropical house to create a gorgeous soundscape.

The highlights of this track are undoubtedly the pre-chorus and drop, which the song begins with. Jimin and Jungkook lead the way with the breathtaking pre-chorus (Jimin took the spotlight with his vocal performance!). Once that finishes, the song delivers its ultimate trump card - a catchy, ear-grabbing synth melody!

It's the case of transforming something trendy into something outstanding!

1. I Need U (2015)

The moment everything changed for BTS.

Thanks to its magnificent electronics and captivating performance by each member, I Need U saw the boys move on from their rowdy image to deliver this timeless, sentimental anthem. The chorus hits like a sledgehammer, RM provides an amazing second-verse rap, and the Jungkook-Jimin combo near the end is chilling!

Things were never the same after this transformative release!

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