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For this series, I rank 10 singles from any artist to my desire. I will only count songs that have been promoted with a music video beside them, as well as count songs that are in the main language of the chosen artist.

For artists to be qualified for this series, they need at least two songs to show up in my Singles Recommendation series.

I felt joy when starting the "Top 10 _ Singles" series last week, so I'm back with another one yet again. Looking back at an artist's discography and ranking the title tracks is a fun hobby for me. Therefore, I'm keeping this rolling for another week.

Since BTS released Butter recently, I figured it's time to look back at their work and determine the 10 best singles they've offered us.

BTS' rise to global dominance is truly remarkable. Who knew a group from South Korea would garner this much hype around the world in several years? Of course, when someone is popular, there are skeptics out there that doubt their fame. To those that don't understand the hype around BTS, I recommend taking a look at this list and listening to each track. These are the 10 songs that shows the high quality work of BTS.

You'll notice that I prefer their pre-DNA catalog. That's not to imply that I despise the singles ever since DNA. I still like them to a good degree, but something about BTS' music before they became worldwide famous really catches my ears. It's probably due to the fact that they were grinding their teeth through the industry, releasing a handful of excellent tracks that would help them rise to the top in Korea before their global takeover.

They've gone through some changes during their first few years, hopping from sound to sound with a dose of their admirable ambition. With that being said, here are the top 10 BTS singles of all time!

10. N.O. (2013)

BTS gave us a teaser of what was to come for their music after they released N.O. An underrated title track, this song features a combination of electronic and orchestra music, providing hard-spitting raps and take-no-prisoners vocals. This is definitely a call-to-arms moment.

9. Boy in Luv (2014)

A true turning point in BTS' career, Boy in Luv shows the boys' boisterous energy that they're known for. It helps that the song mixes rock and hip-hop together, bringing out the rowdy image of BTS.

8. Spring Day (2017)

One of the great pop ballads in recent history (quite possibly of all time). Spring Day is one of BTS' most beloved songs, with fingers pointing at its sentimental lyrics and great vocal/rap deliveries. You can basically call this track a legend in Korea, as it's still charting on the Gaon Cart during the time of this writing!

7. Save Me (2016)

Another loved BTS single, Save Me takes the popular trend of Western-style electropop, transforming it to something better and magical. The synthesizers in this track are absolutely stunning, transporting you from reality to an imaginative setting that is calming, yet breathtaking to be at.

6. Fire (2016)

The polar opposite of Save Me. Fire still dabbles with electropop, yet it's as rambunctious as it can get. While the former focuses on the vocal line's abilities, this song lets the rap line take center stage. Still, the members unite as a whole to give us their most party-inducing track ever. This song holds a special place in my heart, as it is one of the first BTS songs I've heard.

5. Run (2015)

Along with 2016, 2015 felt like a year that belonged to BTS. The group would release three excellent singles during this year. Run, being the last release of the triplet, was BTS' foray into pop territory. The rappers provide emotive verses, while the vocalists work their magic on the pre chorus/chorus, giving us an infectious melody to listen to.

4. Danger (2014)

Their most underrated title track, Danger shows BTS at their best when fusing hip-hop and rock together. With some Michael Jackson influence, the group distributes one of their most irresistible hooks, filling the bucket with supreme confidence and convincing performance.

3. Blood Sweat & Tears (2016)

From Jimin's iconic "gajyeoga ga" to the alluring hook, Blood Sweat & Tears is now recognized as one of BTS' most iconic releases, fusing together moombahton and tropical house that will surely capture your ears immediately. Being the lead single of their best album to date, this truly feels like an artwork here.

2. Dope (2015)

The first BTS song I've ever heard (I'm sure the same can be said for a handful of ARMY). When RM opened this track with the iconic phrase "Welcome, first time with BTS?", we knew we were going to hear something special. Dope cruises along with its contagious sax riff (obviously influenced by Flo Rida's GDFR) and compelling rap verses. The group here shows the best image of themselves being top-notch performers in the music industry. Lastly, this song contains one of my favorite lyrics from them- "Reject rejection".

1. I Need U (2015)

Before 2015, BTS was still grinding their way to the top of the industry. They had no music show wins. Their singles didn't even reach the top 10 on the Gaon Chart. That all changed when they released I Need U, their best song to date. Veering off their usual unrestrained, hip-hop image, they opted for a more emotional concept. The instrumental is outstanding, giving us synthesizers and percussions to die for. With that going on, the members present their most captivating performance. The rapping is dynamic in this track. While Suga and J-Hope opens the song up with a steady, emotional first verse, RM offers an exciting second verse- fast-pace and expressive. The vocalists, on the other hand, are in charge of the song's most important moments. V and Jin do a great job delivering beautiful pre choruses. When they're done delivering that, Jimin and Jungkook does the rest. The track's main hook is superlative. Choosing vocalists that would help elevate the chorus can be challenging at first, but they struck gold here. My other favorite vocal moment has to be Jimin's high note after the duet with JK during the last line of the bridge. With all this information I provided for one song, you can tell I placed this track on a high pedestal. After all, I regard this as one of the best K-Pop singles of all time!

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