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Top 10 B-Sides: Dreamcatcher*

Updated: 20 hours ago

Different focus, same structure.

I dig deeper into an artist's discography and rank my top ten B-sides. Any song that wasn't promoted with a music video and isn't promoting anything else other than an artist's musical aspect counts for this series.


Welcome to a new series! I've been waiting to do this, as it allows me to dive deeper into an artist's discography. The first guest on this series is the "face of rock in K-pop" Dreamcatcher!

While Dreamcatcher's collection of rock-based singles is enjoyable, what cemented my love for the group's discography are their b-sides. The girls do a fine job tackling genres other than rock, showcasing their versatility.

What do you think of this list? Agree or disagree? Shoutouts to any b-sides I didn't mention? Let me know in the comments below!


10. Fairytale (2022)

As the name suggests, this song feels like you're in a fairy tale. That feeling is evident during the Siyeon-led post-chorus, pushing her vocals to the max over filtered guitars to create an uplifting soundscape.

This is the type of anthemic surge you need in your life!

9. Whistle (2021)

Whistle is simple yet effective.

This song doesn't do much other than being a solid pop track with enough consistent drive and weight. In the middle of this pulsating track is a robust chorus filled with a compelling rhythm, melody, and whistling.

Speaking of the whistle, it's one of the most addicting whistles you'll hear in a pop song!

8. Can't Get You Out of My Mind (2020)

Can't Get You Out of My Mind presents a sound reminiscent of early 2010s EDM.

The drop doesn't offer anything intense or inventive but delivers a gripping synth melody, shortly joined by a spoken refrain transforming the song into a slightly faster dancefloor anthem!

7. Wind Blows (2021)

Wind Blows rarely gives up energy, holding your attention with its intense soundscape all the way through.

The chorus works like an epic battle theme, followed by the girls shouting "Wind blows!" several times over crazy electronics. This should be a perfect addition to your workout playlist!

6. Over the Sky (2019)

Celebrating the second anniversary of their debut, Dreamcatcher decided to release a track that sounds like a high-quality anime opening.

The piano-electric guitar opening set the stage for what Dreamcatcher would deliver.

5. Poison Love (2021)

Poison Love's first verse is something to behold! I think the verse is one of the most pleasing verses I've heard in K-pop. Every time I listen to it, I want to experience its atmosphere live!

The chorus is another great highlight, delivering an excellent pulsating rhythm in this evocative b-side.

4. Full Moon (2018)

Before Over the Sky, there was Full Moon. I prefer this anniversary song more because of its payoff.

After a thematic opening and gentle piano-driven verse, the song goes into overdrive and delivers a catchy and formidable chorus. Like Over the Sky, Full Moon sounds like a high-quality anime opening!

3. Black or White (2020)

I'm getting a Michael Jackson influence in this track. The opening riff, this performance video, and the song title all evoke that feeling. Influenced or not, Black or White pays tribute well to the artist with its groove and funk, as the infectious chorus operates in the middle.

Also, the second verse, led by Dami, is a chef's kiss!

2. Silent Night (2019)

Silent Night's strength lies within its dynamics. As the verses flow forward, the chorus pulls back to offer a gorgeous, fist-pumping soundscape filled with luscious strings and vocal ad-libs.

That's not the only surprise, though. Near its climax, the song pulls a trickery and drops a psytrance ending, perfect for DJs to play at night clubs!

1. Starlight (2022)

Can Dreamcatcher release more synthwave tracks? Seriously, this song is a total earworm!

Starlight's synth line and chorus are enjoyable to experience! As great as it is from start to finish, my favorite moment happens during Dami's second verse - the synthesizer during her part is infectious as hell! And that bridge? Amazing!

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