PRS Recommendation #1

Updated: Nov 26

PRS is an abbreviation for Promotions, Remixes, and Soundtracks. As you can guess, I will recommend 10 songs that relate to either of the three.

Bramble Blast (from Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

E ve- Heart Forecast (theme for Lotte Ghana Chocolate “Pink Valentine”)

Dreams of an Absolution (from Sonic '06)

Le Chant de Roma (from Akama Ga Kill!)

Utada Hikaru- Passion (from Kingdom Hearts 2)

INFINITE- Request (for Samsung Galaxy)

S.E.S.- Just a Feeling (Original Version)

Super Junior- Superman (not an official comeback; promotion single for their 5th album)

You Say Run (from My Hero Academia)

Vogel im Käfig (from Attack on Titan)

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