Music Opinion #2: Reactions

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Image from: This video of people reacting to the Dunk Contest might be better than the actual dunks -

This series is about me giving my opinions on anything music-related. Any response to the topic is welcome unless you're being toxic.

This is strictly focusing on K-Pop reactions.

Over the past year, I've grown to the point where I don't find the "K-Pop Reaction Bubble" satisfying. There are a few reactors that I admire, but the overall space is uninspiring.

Whenever I think of the problems with K-Pop reactors, I like to reference this video:

The stereotypes that RBGTalk presented in this video are the problems why I'm not excited about K-Pop reactions anymore, for the most part.

Whenever I see people dropping their jaws or having a "seizure", I don't sense 100% authenticity from them. I don't judge their image completely, but I do find it hard to connect with their reactions.

I also despise when they talk about looks instead of the music. If you want to talk about a person's look, then just react to still images of idols instead. I know there is an emphasis on a K-Pop idol's image during the music video, but it's easy to look past it.

It's also disappointing when a person compliments the artist without any constructive criticism about the music. Even if someone's criticism isn't something I agree with, it's better than saying "he/she is so pretty, the music is fire."

Pausing and talking too much are also problems I have. For reactors who do this, I suggest you add in texts wherever you want to add your own thoughts, instead of making us sit for 15 minutes for a reaction to a 4-minute song.

This next problem isn't shown in the video, but it can be a frustrating presentation for long-time K-Pop fans. Do you ever come across reactors that react to current popular artists, but not reacting to underappreciated artists? I find that infuriating. Instead of finding more artists/songs that are underrated, they go ahead and react to videos related to the current popular artists. For instance, fan-made videos.

Reactors would watch a compilation of an artist being funny or savage, then post it on their channel. Again, I don't judge completely, but I sense some desperation from the reactor. Trying too hard to gain more followers from a popular artist's fanbase? Okay then. You do you!

If the reactor is a huge fan of the artist, that's fine. However, I like to see lesser-known artists getting more recognition. Just hope that day can come.

There are a few other stereotypes I like to add, but I'm going to stop it here. I think you guys get the overall gist.

I like to point out the last trait that K-Pop reactors do, and that's the thumbnail. Look at RBGTalk's thumbnail for the video above.

Thumbnails like that would warn me of the problems I might see, especially if it's from a new K-Pop reactor.

Luckily, I've come across some good reaction channels like 1thek and Form of Therapy. People that react and discuss the music from various artists are my type of reactors. I got into K-Pop because of the music. Let me find people online that share the same sentiment as I have. Instead of focusing on the looks and props, let's talk about the instruments, hooks, and vocals, shall we?

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