Music Opinions #2: Reactions

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Image from: This video of people reacting to the Dunk Contest might be better than the actual dunks -

This series is about me giving my opinions on anything music-related. I begin asking a question that I think people should consider, followed by my response that would hopefully encourage some new perspectives. Whether that happens or not, I would love to see your guys' response to the topic!

Q: What is the ideal type of reaction to have when making K-Pop reactions?

My Answer: A reaction that talks about the music itself

This is strictly focusing on K-Pop. The reason I decided to bring this topic to the forefront is due to the numerous K-Pop reactions I've been seeing in the past year or so.

When I got into K-Pop, I've always watched reactions to the genre because I enjoy seeing people enjoy the music. However, the more I browse through this category, the more I discover K-pop reactions that aren't... satisfying to me.

The image I have above is the expression I've seen on thumbnails. Whenever I see someone making an "OMG" face or something similar for the thumbnail, I always cringe looking at that expression. Of course, it's definitely plausible that a person does have that genuine expression to something that sounds good to him/her. I mean, we all function differently, right?

By the way, I chose to use that image above because I didn't want to nitpick any K-Pop YouTuber(s). I might as well respect their creation, even if I'm not amused by the idea.

I don't judge people posing for the thumbnail when making a K-Pop reaction video, but I do look at it with caution and- again- cringe when looking at the image. It's so tailor-made and desperate.

When I do check out the reaction video, I'm very "nervous" about these various problems that might show up:

- Make comments about the fashion/video editing (unless they're an expert on those things and want to form commentaries on them)

- Make comments about the visuals

- Make comments about the choreography (unless they're reacting to a choreography video/dance practice)

- Pause the video TOO much

- Talk over the music

- Talk about the plot of the video (I don't have a problem with this, but still...)

- Talk about the lyrics rather than the music (people like songs because of the lyrics, but I like to see people commentating about the instrumentation and vocals)

I think those are all the main points I can come up with, but you get the overall gist of it.

To get rid of the issues, I like to offer this suggestion- find a video with just the music playing, make a commentary about the music, then react to the music video.

I don't want to force this suggestion, but I believe this is the best way to create a good environment of K-Pop reactors. I think it's a more natural way of getting into K-Pop (and music in general).

But, hold on. There's another problem I have.

I don't like it when reactors make content that isn't related to the music. I would see people reacting to "_ is funny" or "_ is a savage" or whatnot. You know... the fan-made videos.

I actually don't have a major problem with that, but it becomes an issue to me when people start reacting to more of them rather than finding new songs to talk about. I like to see them talk about tracks I enjoy listening to, rather than talk about something I simply don't care about.

Also, why only react to the popular artists? Why not expand your interest to the underrated artists?

These issues I have really depends on the reactor. I don't judge them completely, nor do I want to harshly bash their content. But, I am starving for reaction videos that actually talk about the music from either a popular artist or an underrated artist.

Fortunately, there a few gems in the 'K-pop reaction bubble'. I would like to see those gems influence more K-Pop reactors, which in turn could hopefully inspire more contents that will focus on the music itself.

However, I'm thinking about this ideally.

Realistically, we have what we have, and that's not something I want to be upset about 24/7. Instead, I just veer away from the reactors that I don't connect with, actively searching for other reactors that genuinely likes the music and discusses about the production.

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