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K-Pop Songs of the Summer: SHINee- View*

Updated: Jun 26

Over time, the K-Pop Review community has grown from a few individuals into a full subset of the internet. Now, TheBiasList, Kbopped, 10/10 - Music, Hallyureviews, Jei’s Kulture Notes, Deforested Music, A Floating Realm in the Corner, 8.5 Music, and Kpopreviewed are working together, to create a series, where we review our favorite K-Pop summer song.

Be sure to check out everyone’s posts in the links below!

10/10 - Music



Jei’s Kulture Notes


8.5 Music


Deforested Music

The Bias List


Before I begin, let me thank 10/10 - Music for inviting me to participate in this collaboration. It's an honor to partake in this event with other like-minded people, making me feel welcome in the K-pop blogging community!


Background of Review

After learning about this project, I had trouble deciding which K-pop song to review. Not only are there a handful of excellent songs to choose from, but I had no favorite K-pop Summer track!

I could've been obvious and chosen a SISTAR song. Maybe a track with perfect energy (Dope, Red Flavor, Complete...) for the summertime?

After looking at my choices, View stood out to me.

Honestly, View isn't a song I would go to for the season. It's not the type of track you can blast to a large beach crowd expecting brass, upbeat tempo, and lively, ear-catching hooks. In other words, View isn't your typical energetic Summer track.

But its production forced me to look the other way. When listening to View, I imagine walking near a bar on a hazy Summer evening. Suddenly, the song starts playing and everybody hearing it squeals in excitement because when View reaches its apex, that's when everyone will lose themselves in the moment.

So what makes View sound compelling? It doesn't bring the same intensity as some other K-pop summer tracks. To understand its value, let's go in-depth with its production!



First Verse



This is View's apex moment I mentioned.


Second Verse






Lacking an otherworldly, once-in-a-lifetime production (like Lucifer and Sherlock), View exceeds expectations by conforming to the phrase simple yet effective.


Next up is Kpopreviewed. If you are reading this and aren't a part of this collaboration, here's a hint for what he'll review next - the group he's featuring is the equivalent of SHINee.

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