Korean Singles Recommendation #1

Updated: Aug 29

For my recommendation posts. I go to my desired playlist that aligns with today's content and press the "Shuffle Play" button. Whichever song comes up gets the recommendation treatment. I'm only choosing 10 songs to recommend. Not too much, not too little. Lastly, I can't feature more than one song from an artist. This gives the sentiment of not showing any "bias".

Artist: Mamamoo

Song: Piano Man

Year Released: 2014

Artist: AOA

Song: Like a Cat

Year Released: 2014


Song: Bad

Year Released: 2015

Artist: BTS

Song: I Need U

Year Released: 2015

Artist: Big Bang

Song: Haru Haru

Year Released: 2008

Artist: Got7

Song: A

Year Released: 2014

Artist: SHINee

Song: Married to the Music

Year Released: 2015

Artist: BtoB

Song: WOW

Year Released: 2012

Artist: EXO

Song: Growl

Year Released: 2013

Artist: 2NE1

Song: Hate You

Year Released: 2011

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