Japanese Singles Recommendation #1

Updated: Aug 3

For my recommendation posts. I go to my desired playlist that aligns with today's content and press the "Shuffle Play" button. Whichever song comes up gets the recommendation treatment. I'm only choosing 10 songs to recommend. Not too much, not too little. Lastly, I can't feature more than one song from an artist. This gives the sentiment of not showing any "bias".

Artist: Yurina Hirate

Song: Dance no Riyū

Year Released: 2020

Artist: Minami

Song: Waiting for Rain

Year Released: 2020

Artist: Juice=Juice

Song: Tell Me That You Love Me

Year Released: 2020

Artist: E ve

Song: Tokyo Ghetto

Year Released: 2018

Artist: Yorushika

Song: Parade

Year Released: 2019

Artist: Kenshi Yonezu

Song: Loser

Year Released: 2016

Artist: School Food Punishment

Song: Pool

Year Released: 2007

Artist: Exile

Song: Choo Choo Train

Year Released: 2003

Artist: Keyakizaka46

Song: Garasu wo Ware!

Year Released: 2018

Artist: Yoasobi

Song: Racing into the Night

Year Released: 2019

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