Dynamite or Rain on Me? Who deserved that award?

Updated: May 3

So... I wasn't planning on writing this. However, with the not-so-sudden bickering between individuals from ARMY, Little Monsters, and Arianators, I might as well get myself involved and give my take on who really deserved that award.

Since Rain on Me won, I guess I'll start reviewing it first. I'll break down the time frames of each track, like what I'm doing with my Praising Music series.

If you guys decide to respond to this post, PLEASE be respectful and not throw in any hate/disgusting comments. It's a waste of time. If you really want to release your dark side, then I suggest you go punch your pillow and shout any negative things you have to say.

Keep it all to yourself! Don't bring it here.

Verse- First part of this verse doesn't stand out too much. It's a typical way of easing you into the song. It gets better when claps get added to the mix towards the end of the verse.

Pre Chorus- Pre Chorus is even better than the first verse. The instrumentals prior to this section gets switched out for a couple of new instruments. Along with Gaga's vocals and the background claps, the inserted-guitar adds a bit of funk influence, which helps the song's overall charm.

Once we head into the pre chorus' ending, we get to hear drums going at a fast pace, a signal that the chorus coming after is going to be satisfactory.

Chorus- True to what I just said, the chorus here is quite rewarding. It's a straight up Dance-pop track, sprinkled with some electro and house influences.

While I do enjoy the chorus, part of me wants to improve it. The instrumentation is really good... but wouldn't it be better to add in some vocal melody? We live in a time where the industry doesn't put an emphasis on that piece anymore... strange.

Regardless, what we get here works fine. It's a much-needed sound that people should live with. We kind of get the old-school Gaga vibe back, but not really. Her earlier tracks had a more cinematic feel to it. Here, Rain on Me waters that down to a simple pop pleasure.

Verse- We heard LG in the first verse. Now, we're hearing AG in the second verse. Like the first verse, this verse doesn't stand out too much. Only difference is the percussion being kept in for this section since the chorus.

To be honest, I never though this sound would really work with Gaga's image. Sure, she can tackle it, but she has this image of being "larger-than-life". On the other hand, Ariana Grande can easily fit in with this style. She kind of has this "innocent, yet diva-like" image going for her. This is a song where she can playfully sing and dance along to while showing a bit of her "wild" charisma.

Pre Chorus & Chorus- I usually don't review the pre chorus and chorus again, but I like to note that the addition of Grande's vocals help give a little more life to the track.

Bridge- Just like the two verses, the bridge is not that outstanding. Again, it's a typical way to ease you back into the final chorus. I do enjoy the dream-like atmosphere the bridge went into during the beginning of its section. It's a nice way to bring the song down to level one before heading into the final moment.

Outro- Out of everything, the outro is my favorite section. Not only do we get to hear the instrumentation of the chorus, but we also get to hear the pre Chorus melody at the same time. THIS is what I'm talking about when mentioning a need for a vocal melody during the main course of this song. The combination of pre Chorus and chorus is a fantastic way to close out the track!

I also want to mention the high note Ariana Grande produced at the beginning of this outro. I did want to hear more of her high note, which I thought would've made this sound a lot more grand than what it is now. It's a bit anti-climatic, but the instrumental to this track is more than enough to keep the rhythm going.

Just like that, we get a really good pop song from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande!

Intro- The song begins with Jungkook singing with what sounds like a synth in the background. It's not that long of an intro, but the way he sings is quite effective.

Verse- Jungkook continues singing with a low-driving kick drum and a bass guitar to keep the momentum going. Like Rain on Me, nothing stands out that much here. Although, Jungkook's English is quite fun to listen to, hearing how far he's progressed with the language.

I do have to note that the lyrics on this track aren't really the best. Given how this song sounds overall, it's pretty easy to overlook that and just enjoy the vibe here.

Pre Chorus- RM starts this section by singing, even though he's a rapper. Honestly, the rap line doesn't have to do much to give this song an extra edge, although it would've been interesting to hear some rapping.

Claps and a bigger emphasis on the drums give this pre chorus a much-needed energy to get us ready for the hook. J-Hope joins in after RM, matching his bright personality with the instrumentation.

Chorus- Nothing too ridiculous, nothing in-your-face, nothing experimental. Just the combination of vocal melody and instrumentation making up a smooth-loving chorus!

I like to mention that when I first heard this track, it reminded of Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling!

Verse- V starts the second verse with some vocal effects on his voice. Big Hit has been in love with the vocal processing lately. I know auto-tune can be a bit polarizing, but that depends on the track. Here, the vocal effects doesn't harm the song's sound one bit.

I like the vocal arrangement they did with RM when he sang "Ladies and gentlemen, I got the medicine, so you should keep ya eyes on the ball". I thought that was cool how they made his part sound like a PA announcement.

Post Chorus- I believe this is the post chorus. Either way, I like to highlight this part.

Right after the second chorus, we get a horn section that is basically one of the song's true stars. I love a track that incorporates any brass instrument in a way that makes it sound like a fun, explosive party!

Bridge- Following the horn section, we get a repetitive "Dyn-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy", led by Jungkook, Jimin, and V, from what I'm hearing. I think it's a pleasantly, fun melody to enjoy listening to.

The vibe switches when most of the instrumentation gets removed, leaving the piano (I think?) and Jimin to keep the bridge going. Jungkook then takes the wheel, along with a bass guitar to drive us towards the finish line.

Outro- This is probably the best moment out of these two songs. Aside from the horns being implemented in Dynamite, Jungkook's overpowering key change takes the cake. Even though there are people that doesn't rank him high in terms of vocal technique, the emotion in his voice is really ear-grabbing! He has shown that ever since BTS' early days.

The song finishes in style with more horns and fantastic ad-libs, ensuring Dynamite is pure pop enjoyment!

After listening to each track multiple times, I must say... it's quite even between the two. Honestly, either one could've won it.

If I were to personally pick a winner, I would've chosen Dynamite. While Rain on Me is a great track, there wasn't enough for me to say "Wow! That was pretty cool!" or something like that. Rain on Me has a constantly great rhythm to it, but I would've liked a bit more instruments/vocal arrangements. It's the little things that gets me hyped up.

While Dynamite does offer the same quality as Rain on Me, there were a few moments that caught my attention:

Jungkook's key change, the horns, and RM's PA announcement-like verse.

While I would've liked Dynamite to win, Rain on Me is also a great choice! It would've been cool. though, to see BTS get that award. That would've made history!

So for those ARMY, Little Monsters, and Arianators that are still bickering to this day, just know this- at least it wasn't Intentions that won over these two songs. I think you can all agree on that, right?

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