Criticizing Music #4: Money (Lisa)

For this series, I pick out a random song that I don't enjoy and critique it. This won't be a very detailed series, but this is a place for me to voice out my disappointment on the track I chose to review.

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately. I'm finally back in school, so my free time has been reduced. Though, I like to reassure you that I have drafts planned, meaning you'll still see more content from me.

Now, let me start my review of this track!

To properly review this track, I think I have to bring Blackpink into the mix. Why? Well, because of their image. We all know that they're popular. They're going to sell. They're going to gain massive views on YouTube. They're going to be one of the select artists that appeal to the public. With all those ingredients, plus the sound they've conjured, I'm at the point where I'm not surprised by this type of sound. That, to me, is pretty disturbing.

They're the current face of the girl crush concept in K-Pop. They have the voices and personalities to make that style happen. I respect them for naturally blending with the concept, but I can't admire them for the results.

The group is capable of releasing quality pop songs, but the problem is they aren't doing it on a consistent basis. However, Blackpink isn't the only one facing that problem. The members themselves have also landed on the same island.

So far, each member (besides Jisoo) came out with underwhelming results in their solo portfolios. Solo is boring. On the Ground is nice, but ruined by the instrumental during the chorus. I haven't heard Gone yet, so that song is undecided.

Now we have Lisa in the mix, and she dropped two tracks. I was planning to criticize Lalisa, but Money grabbed my ears for the wrong reason.

I expected that Money was going to sound like this, judging by the title. What I didn't expect was the result. The track oozes with a cringe.

Lisa is the bright spot here, eliciting the needed charisma. Yet, her charisma is wasted, given the instrumental and lyrics.

I like to type in detail about why I despise this track, but listening to it is appropriate to understand my feeling.

Overall, I felt this song is lazy, unoriginal, and inconceivable. Who knew she would say "dollas dropping on my ass tonight"? Why did the pre-chorus start with "dolla bills, dolla bills"? Do the writers/producers have no sense of creativity? Why not have Lisa try a similar concept to SNSD's "The Boys"? These questions I asked are rhetorical. I already found the answer a while back.

The members, as a group or not, are in a marketing system. They are no longer in the musical system. Unless proven otherwise, their sound is evident. There's no sense of them being a musical act. Showing anything related to them is enough to attract a flock of shallow-minded birds.

Lisa's Money is an extension of Blackpink's underwhelming music portfolio. A shallow depth of music production is enough to support attractive singers to attract consumers. I'm comfortable referring to them as influencers as of now. Their musical direction is troubling.

Let's hope Jisoo delivers a track that's consumable. I believe in that statement because there's no way she'll be saying "dollas dropping on my ass tonight" with a Cardi B-like instrumental. If that happens- I don't know what to say anymore. Let a miracle happen because I'm running out of patience.

Honestly, I might've run out of patience.

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