Criticizing Music #3: Bad Guy (Billie Eilish)

Updated: Oct 1

For this series, I pick out a random song that I don't enjoy and critique it. This won't be a very detailed series, but this is a place for me to voice out my disappointment on the track I chose to review.

Billie is this generation's IT artist. I've always suspected this ever since I heard her debut song, Ocean Eyes, which I hail as her best song to date. Billie and her brother, Finneas, continued to produce tracks afterward to speak to the current youth.

That said, whenever a specific artist rises, there's always going to be hype. Whenever there's hype, the industry will always jump on the bandwagon for money. Billie is young, so it makes sense to market her immensely to the current generation. However, the image the industry wanted her to show feels unnatural to me.

I'm not positive about her overall sound. She comes across as this dark, moody person that says whatever deep thoughts she contains with the help of her brother producing moping instrumentations. Yet, a handful of her songs lack any sensation. Well, at least to me.

Bad Guy is a prime example of a Billie Eilish track that lacks sensation. It's her most popular song, but it's not a great representation of her artistry.

My biggest problem with Bad Guy is the hook. I can live with the verses (kind of), but the chorus is lifeless. There's no vocal melody, no rhythm. The synthesizer is memorable, but it doesn't bring any excitement.

The only good thing about the song is the switch-up at the end, surprisingly. It brings a lot more "teeth" to the track due to its fierce sound. It's nice experimentation, but it doesn't make sense to add it after a boring experience. It just felt like a waste.

Overall, this song sounds like background music. I imagine going on the Cartoon Network site, playing a mini-game, then hearing this song as the game's background music. It doesn't provide an escape from reality. It's a lackluster joy ride. There's a great idea to this song, but it ends up being oppressed by its bland nature.

Pop music in America was exciting. Now, it seems the public gravitates towards unimaginative songs like this one. I fear that Bad Guy might influence future artists to create this type of sound, something I don't want to witness.

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