Criticizing Music #2: On The Ground (Rosé)

Updated: Jun 3

Image from: Rosè "On The Ground" Müzik Videosu Yayınlandı |

For this series, I pick out a random song that I don't really enjoy and critique it. This won't be a very detailed series, but this is a place for me to voice out my disappointment on the tracks I chose to review.

The only problem with this track is the chorus. That's it. It's really disappointing that the hook is the only thing keeping the song away from going towards its full potential.

The chorus of this track is pretty uninspiring. It's not unpleasant, though the structure isn't constructed well melodically. It reminds me of Selena Gomez's Back to You. Promising at first, but the main hook doesn't build on from that. This is basically tailor-made as a Top 40 radio single, something I find not worth my time.

I understand this is her type of sound, but I think the producers can explore more to bring the best out of Rosé.

While I do find the song's production to be good, a different instrumentation would've led to a (hopefully) better outcome. This is described as a pop rock song (strangely), so why not be influenced by something like Avril Lavigne's Complicated? Rosé coming out with a style like that would've been refreshing. I think that would release the best of her abilities as an artist.

Instead, we get a song that sounds as to what we expected it to sound like. People are going to eat this up, though at the end of the day, On the Ground is just a good radio pop song. It doesn't sound other-worldly, nor does it sound engaging. It's just there for massive consumption.

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