Concert Review: Eagles

Updated: Jan 17

Date: 10/22/2021

Location: Chase Center, San Francisco, CA


Last Friday, I went to my very first concert! Well, I have gone to one before, but it was at a fair. This concert, however, was my first full-out concert where the artist WAS the spotlight. As you can see from the title, the spotlight was on none other than the Eagles!

Before going in, I didn't know what to expect. I was not familiar with the band's discography. The only song I've heard from them was Hotel California. Well, it's the chorus I was only aware of.

As the concert began, fans were cheering for the Eagles to come up on stage. I was also anticipating them to come up, as it was an hour wait for me. The lights dimmed to darkness as the crowd roared for the band's upcoming appearance.

A small critique, but the intro lasted longer than it should've.

Suddenly, a guy appeared on stage, holding the Hotel California album. He pulled out the phonograph record, placed it on the phonograph, and played it. The curtains pulled up, and there they were... Eagles were in town!

I won't go through each song they played, as it will result in a very long review. Instead, I'll note what stood out to me from beginning to end.

The band started with Hotel California. Honestly, I didn't feel any excitement during the first verse. I was grooving along to the live instruments and vocals (they were fantastic through the whole night). Once that chorus came in, I entered a whole new world!

It was amazing to hear the melody live. It's a total earworm!

Another thing that impressed me was the dual-guitar descending arpeggio to end the track.

This is what came to mind when I heard it- HOLY SH*T!

Hearing those guitars live was an unbelievable experience! There was one guitarist that caught my attention through the whole night, but more on him later.

After that, there was a mixture of slower and uptempo songs. The slower tracks didn't do as much for me as the uptempo tracks did. Their vocals, though, were passionate, and their harmonies were on point!

There were a few slower-paced songs that stood out to me. Wasted Time and The Last Resort caught my attention, and that's due to bringing in extra-musical members. The local choir and orchestra group slowly rose to the stage, adding more liveliness to the stage. It was a heartwarming experience to witness!

As enjoyable as it was witnessing those two songs live, the more intense tracks were my comfort zone. Life in the Fast Lane was a good uptempo track to set the tone early. The most exciting part was the ending, where it closed out with some excellent guitar plays!

The most annoying aspect during the performance, though, were the spotlights. The spotlights shone in front of our eyes, making it difficult for us to see them play.

To add more insult to injury, the view I had wasn't great. I was sitting at the upper deck, one row less from the highest row, facing the side of the stage. That was the most troublesome aspect during the night, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the concert. Their vocals and guitar playing more than made up for it!

After playing their songs from the Hotel California album, Don Henley finally interacted with the audience, before we head to the intermission.

My thought so far- I was amazed! I felt the passion the band was giving through their vocals and instruments! I was excited to hear more from the Eagles!

After the break, the band returned to play back-to-back country songs- Seven Bridges Road and Take It Easy. I'm not a huge fan of country music, but their way of fusing rock and country was great to witness! Just like the first part of the concert, the vocals and guitars were the constant driving forces.

They transitioned to a softer song in One of These Nights. The vocal harmonies during the chorus were infectious, backed up by a four-on-the-floor bass-drum pattern and an electric guitar solo performance from one of the touring members, Steuart Smith.

Following the three songs, the members took the time to interact more with the audience. Unfortunately, something happened near the section I was sitting in.


As the band was interacting with us, someone near me suffered an injury. I'm not going into more details about it, but I like to take this time to stress to you guys- whenever you're going to a live event, always make sure that you and others nearby are always safe.

I wish for the person to be in good health as of now.


After the incident, I couldn't bring myself to enjoy the songs they were playing. I was hoping that another accident wouldn't occur. Fortunately, the Eagles brought me back to their music, and one guy was the catalyst for my regained interest.

Before I mention him, I like to applaud Don Henley, Timothy Schmit, Vince Gill, Deacon Frey, Steuart Smith, Michael Thompson, Will Hollis, and Scott Crago for delivering a great concert. They provided great musicianship throughout the whole night!

That being said, Joe Walsh stood out to me the most. He was my MVP.

Tracks such as In the City and Funk #49 proved that Joe Walsh is an electric entertainer. His command of the guitar is insane! However, his peak hasn't hit yet.

Joe took time with the audience, ordering us to mimic any sound he makes (such as 'oh yeah'). During his interaction, there was one thing he said that I like to quote at the end of my review.

After that, he performed his hit song Life's Been Good. I wish I could show the video I took on my phone, but the file is too large to compress. But, the way I was speaking about Joe Walsh, you can safely assume it was amazing (it was).

Not too long after, I, unfortunately, had to leave early to catch the last train.

The timing wasn't bad though. I left during a fun, clap-along song in Heartache Tonight. The chorus melody is sticking, making my exit vibrant with a little bit of sadness underneath.


Overall, the concert was great! Despite a couple of problems, I had fun listening to them singing and playing the instruments live! Three things stood out to me- 1) vocal harmonies 2) guitar-playing 3) Joe Walsh.

One thing I regret doing is not researching the setlist beforehand. I was confused by the order of the songs played. I was looking at the setlist during the concert, but the order shown on the screen didn't match the live order.

Nonetheless, the concert was a great experience! Hopefully, I'll get a better view of a future concert (if possible). Still, the way the Eagles played their instruments and sang was enough to prove that listening is as powerful as watching and listening.


Overall rating: 8/10

"It's better to be 20 during the '70s than to be 70 in the '20s"- Joe Walsh

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