Best Music Performances #1

Updated: Jul 19

I collect 5 random music performances and give my commentary on why each of them is truly outstanding. Just like my Recommendation series, I will only select one performance from an artist. I'm likely going to select these performances from concerts, award shows, and other big events. That means anything from Live Shows, Music Programs, or other events that provide artists a decent space to work with are not welcome to my series.

Linked Horizon- Guren no Yumiya

This is the song that basically inspired this new series. I had trouble deciding whether to feature this video in my last post. But, as you can see, I had the idea of creating new content. Guren no Yumiya is one of the best, epic-sounding songs I've heard in my life, so I'm a bit desperate to see Linked Horizon performing this live. Judging from the video below, I'd imagine it would be an overwhelming environment to be in. The man in charge, Revo, does a great job at connecting the crowd with the music. More than anything, I would really love to hear "Jäger!" shouted live by the thousands of people in attendance.

BTS- Idol (MMA 2018 Performance)

BTS are known to be great performers. They basically have the charisma needed to give us anything awesome live. Going back to the 2018 MMA show, I was blown away by their performance of Idol. BTS did a great job performing the track as a whole, but it was the opening sequence that still gives me goosebumps. The trio of J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook performed magnificently well, giving us an act that will live on forever. What makes this sequence special is the showcase of Korea's traditional culture like Buchaechum and Sangmo, to name a couple. Idol also got rearranged to have a more traditional Korean sound to it, which I feel BTS is saying they're proud of their heritage and want to show it to the world.

SHINee- Sherlock (Clue + Note)

Sherlock (Clue + Note) is one of my favorite songs out there. The instrumental and vocals are a blessing to my ears! Seeing it live would definitely be amazing. My favorite live showcase of the song comes from their concert tour back in 2015. The track got arranged differently, but the way it got rearranged is outstanding! The highlight of this performance came during 2:08-2:35. You couldn't hear this in the original version, but the way it went in a different direction with Jonghyun taking the lead is absolutely mind-blowing! This is home to one of Jonghyun's best live vocal performances. Of course, the group as a whole gave us an awesome live remix presentation of the single.

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean (Motown 25)

I've given a lot of praise to K-Pop and J-Pop on this site so far. Why not focus more on American pop? I think it's about time I do. I'm not really a fan of Pop music nowadays, but if it were to release quality music like Billie Jean, then my love would grow more. I mean, I am showing one of the best artists in music history. Michael Jackson is a legend (to nobody's surprise), but what made him legendary? Well, along with his amazing discography, his Motown 25 performance is a breakthrough (and legendary) moment for him. His stage presence is a beauty to witness, but what also made this performance special is "the birth" it gave to his signature dance move- the Moonwalk.

Katy Perry- Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show

I can't show the performance on my website because the NFL is holding rights to it, so I have the link to it instead. With that said, I highly recommend watching this performance (if you haven't seen it). Chances are, you might've seen it, but this deserves praise again. I'm not a huge fan of her music, nor do I think her music is awful. However, she really impressed me when she performed at the Super Bowl back in 2015. I remember being amazed by the way Katy presented herself, the visuals, and the performances of Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott. I could talk more about the show, but there's so much to unravel. Enjoy it if you haven't seen it.

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