Anime Openings Recommendation #2

Updated: Jan 17

For this series, I gathered 10 Anime openings to recommend to you! This series serves as a purpose to show people that haven't heard these songs. If you know someone that fits that description, please send these tracks to that person! If you're already familiar with the tracks, feel free to share your opinions in the comment section!

Artist: Goose House

Song: Hikaru Nara

Year Released: 2014

Anime: Your Lie in April

Artist: Linked Horizon

Song: Guren no Yumiya

Year Released: 2013

Anime: Attack on Titan

Artist: Yoasobi

Song: Monster

Year Released: 2021


Artist: Burnout Syndromes

Song: Good Morning World!

Year Released: 2019

Anime: Dr. Stone

Artist: Lia

Song: My Soul, Your Beats!

Year Released: 2010

Anime: Angel Beats!

Artist: Sumika

Song: Fiction

Year Released: 2018

Anime: Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Artist: Minami

Song: Crying for Rain

Year Released: 2019

Anime: Domestic Girlfriend

Artist: Konomi Suzuki

Song: This Game

Year Released: 2014

Anime: No Game No Life

Artist: Mrs. GREEN APPLE

Song: Inferno

Year Released: 2019

Anime: Fire Force

Artist: österreich

Song: Munou

Year Released: 2015

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul √A

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