Anime Endings Recommendation #1

Updated: Jul 22

The same rules for my Singles Recommendation series apply to my recommendation of anything Anime-related. Except, there's one change. Instead of not featuring more than one song from the same artist, I can't feature more than one song from the same Anime.

Artist: Style Five

Song: Splash Free

Year Released: 2013

Anime: Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Artist: Tokyo Karankoron

Song: Spice

Year Released: 2015

Anime: Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Artist: ALI ft. AKLO

Song: Lost in Paradise

Year Released: 2020

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Artist: Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, and Saori Hayami

Song: Secret Base

Year Released: 2011

Anime: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Artist: Rie Takahashi

Song: Stay Alive

Year Released: 2016

Anime: Re:Zero- Starting Life in Another World

Artist: School Food Punishment

Song: Futuristic Imagination

Year Released: 2009

Anime: Eden of the East

Artist: Union Square Garden

Song: Sugar Song to Bitter Step

Year Released: 2015

Anime: Blood Blockade Battlefront

Artist: Hatena

Song: Voice?

Year Released: 2021

Anime: Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Artist: Amazarashi

Song: Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shinde Iku

Year Released: 2015

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul √A

Artist: Aimer

Song: Ref:rain

Year Released: 2018

Anime: After the Rain

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