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Album Review #7: MADE (Big Bang)

Updated: Jan 2

This series explores the most critical aspect of an artist's work- a full studio album!

For this series, I review studio albums that deserve a score from 8.5-10 (out of 10). These are my opinions, so don't expect anything factual. Also, if an album went through repackaging and delivered new songs, I won't count those songs in the review.

Yes, I'm strict.


Track 1: Fxxk It

Led by masterful rap verses and a fist-in-the-air-type chorus, Fxxk It expertly blends hip-hop and EDM to create a chill, yet stylish atmosphere for the guys to showcase.

Track 2: Last Dance

Last Dance provides plenty of highlights as a ballad track - soulful piano-led verses, stunning vocal performances, and a cathartic chorus. These elements add to an incredible climax, displaying a celebratory feel of Big Bang's legendary career.

Track 3: Girlfriend

Part of me thinks the chorus could've been better, but Girlfriend does a solid-enough job of keeping the quality consistent with its laidback, city hip-hop vibe. The combination of piano, guitar, and percussion complements the warm melodies well.

Track 4: Let's Not Fall in Love

Let's Not Fall in Love is a callback to Blue, presenting itself as a killer slow burn. Its hazy synths and acoustic melodies offer a rich, sentimental soundscape, perfect for Big Bang to show a sense of authenticity in this mellow single.

Track 5: Loser

Loser is a track that anyone can relate to, regardless of language. The lyrics deal with the feeling people have lived through, and the composition enhances that situation. Big Bang, once again, shows what it's like to be vulnerable.

Track 6: Bae Bae

Probably my least favorite track from this album. The production isn't dreadful, and the idea for the song is recognized, although the final result isn't as strong as Big Bang's other works.

Track 7: Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang's ultimate successor to Fantastic Baby. Bang Bang Bang successfully brings back the club sound with its anthemic soundscape, aggressive synth riffs, and a jump-inducing climax. The drop can be polarizing, but Big Bang made it work to perfection - no surprise!

Track 8: Sober

Taking a cue from G-Dragon's Crooked, Sober brings back the pop-punk sound with its lively verses and rip-roaring chorus, perfect for anyone wanting to let out all the pent-up emotions.

Track 9: If You

If You relies on an acoustic guitar as its base instrument, allowing Big Bang to show an emotional and authentic state. No part presents that better than the gripping chorus, although everything about this song comes with a gorgeous sentiment.

Track 10: Zutter

Zutter grew on me thanks to the rap performances over a weird synth loop. I wouldn't go for this track, but the duo sells it well.

Track 11: We Like 2 Party

We Like 2 Party rides on a fun strumming guitar that lets the guys be their casual, fun selves. It's an ultimate backyard jam session, and the production evokes the feeling of having a good time.


Overall Rating: 9/10

My Top 3 Favorites: Bang Bang Bang, Last Dance, Sober

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