Album Review #3: Don't Call Me (SHINee)

Updated: May 28

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A couple of rules for this series:

- I will ONLY review studio albums. That means no reviews on EPs, compilations, remix albums, etc.

- Repackaged album will NOT be included in the reviews

After I comment on each track, I will give my final rating and brief summary of the entire album. Enjoy!

Track 1: Don't Call Me

Don't Call Me is the group's big comeback after their previous single from two years ago. This song is quite an interesting one. It has SM written all over it. This track is up-to-date with the current trend, yet never abandons the performance aspect. I would say this song is fine, but it will be a grower for me. Luckily, the members come through with their vocals on this single. That has been the case with their previous tracks, but the genre is different. It's hip-hop-focused, something I've never imagined this group tackling. It's a pleasant surprise, but I think there are better tracks from this album to discover. Nice experiment though.

Track 2: Heart Attack

While the title track might be a grower for me, Heart Attack comes in with a robust energy, immediately capturing my ears. This is what I expected from SHINee! They are known for having explosive songs favoring knockout melodies and thrilling instrumentations. This track is no different. Try to resist the chorus and its synth texture.

Track 3: Marry You

Marry You is a typical R&B song. This will take time for me to adjust to, but I really enjoy the harmonies on this track. It kind of harkens back to their Replay era, something a lot of SHINee fans adored. I'm sure this song will get a lot of love too!

Track 4: Code

Code is the most unique song from this album. It oozes with its mysterious production, prominently brining in synths that have some funk to it. With a name like Code, I kind of expected this track to sound futuristic. This is what I had in mind, though it was a pleasant surprise to hear how the song sounded. Really nice production here!

Track 5: I Really Want You

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is the best song from this album!

I Really Want You is SHINee through and through! The percussions are great, the funky guitar is a nice addition, and the horns give this song the life it needed. All of the instruments, combined with the vocals, cultivate a rhythm that is intended for a crowd-gathering event. This should've been the lead single, because this track is just flat-out outstanding!

Track 6: Kiss Kiss

After the album's peak in I Really Want You, Kiss Kiss slows down the excitement just a bit. While not as robust as the previous track, this song is really catchy. The harmonization is on point here, as well as the funky guitar (again). The kissing sound effect is a bit cringe, but it's to accept it and enjoy the rhythm of this track.

Track 7: Body Rhythm

Was I the only one that thought of Bob Marley when listening to this track? Body Rhythm is a Reggae track, a genre that isn't my favorite, but I do enjoy it if done well. If this is SHINee's first attempt at Reggae, I have to give them full credit for this performance. It feels off from this album, but I like that they're being diverse here.

Track 8: Attention

I doubt Attention will receive a lot of attention (my puns are "hilarious"), compared to the other songs from this album. It doesn't sound impactful or exciting, but it's really smooth. This tracks sounds like a rough draft of Kiss Kiss. Not the most ambitious song, but nice to listen to from time to time. It will get better when listening to this more.

Track 9: Kind

To close out the album, SHINee chose a pop ballad track in Kind. It's quite a predictable move, but nothing to scoff at. The stars of this song are the members themselves. Their vocals bring in life to the track, assuring this doesn't go to waste. It's not my go-to genre, but the group just finds a way to make it sound remarkable! By the way, aren't the vocal effects in the beginning and ending reminiscent of Taylor Swift's Delicate?


I have to say it again... "SHINee's BACK!"

There are a few tracks here that will definitely be in my playlist. As a whole, I really admire the group's ability to tackle some of the different sounds found throughout this album. I might not attach myself to some of the tracks here, but that doesn't mean I dislike them. I guess this is what happens when you give SHINee songs to work with. They find a way to elevate a track's sound, due to their vocals and personalities. That's why they are one of the most respected/lovable K-Pop artists out there!

This project is an exciting tease for what might come next in the group's future. Until then, let's enjoy the comeback of one of K-Pop's best groups, SHINee!

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