Album Review #3: Don't Call Me (SHINee)

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This series explores the most critical aspect of an artist's work- a studio album!

For this series, I review studio albums that deserve a score from 8.5-10 (out of 10). These are my opinions, so don't expect anything factual.

This also means excluding any albums that aren't counted as studio albums (i.e. single, mini, repackage, etc.).


Track 1: Don't Call Me

Despite not being one of my favorite SHINee singles, the hip-hop-oriented Don't Call Me is kept alive by the group's captivating performance and solid instrumental. Fortunately, things get better for the group's triumphant return!

Track 2: Heart Attack

Underneath the title track is an album filled with some great b-sides. Heart Attack is among the first, bringing back the classic SHINee sound with its irresistibly funky, synth-driven composition and catchy chorus.

Track 3: Marry You

Marry You stumbles a bit in the instrumental department, but the vocal harmonies are enough to gain admiration for this track. It's a blessing to hear them sing "Girl I wanna marry you" in unison!

Track 4: CØDE

Everything about CØDE is icy. The hurtling bass, the chorus vocal blend, and the magnificent synth drop gave this song its distinct and satisfying production. You can't deny how sharp the soundscape is!

Track 5: I Really Want You

If I have to choose my favorite track from this album, it has to be I Really Want You. It's similar to Heart Attack in style, but I slightly prefer this because the chorus payoff is worth it. After the first 30 seconds, the track drops a celebratory, brass-assisted hook that comes across as exciting!

Track 6: Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss is relatively simple compared to Heart Attack and I Really Want You. However, this funk-driven song is another album treasure. Even the kissing sounds didn't ruin this catchy b-side! Also, bonus points for the outstanding post-chorus harmonies.

Track 7: Body Rhythm

I'm not attached to the reggae-influenced Body Rhythm, but SHINee made sure it didn't go to waste by pitching engaging vocal performances within a solid soundscape.

Track 8: Attention

Attention is a laidback song with a nice groove to it. However, it could've been better if it had the idea of sounding more explosive.

Track 9: Kind

Kind operates as a typical pop ballad album closer, which isn't a bad thing by all means. I'm not a sucker for this composition, yet SHINee knows how to elevate a song like this.


Overall Rating: 8.5/10

My Top 3 Favorites: I Really Want You, Heart Attack, CØDE

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