Album Review #3: Don't Call Me (SHINee)

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This series explores the most important aspect of an artist's work- a full album!

For this series, I review studio albums that I think are between 8 and 10 (out of 10). This is my opinion, so don't expect anything factual.

This also means the exclusion of any albums that aren't counted as studio albums (i.e. single, mini, repackage, etc.).


Track 1: Don't Call Me

Don't Call Me offers a new direction for the guys, while still retaining their overwhelming talents. The track went for an edgy, hip-hop-influenced direction (reminiscent of recent EXO and NCT). There were some concerns, but the group showed why they're highly acclaimed. While the instrumental is solid, the vocals/rapping were the highlights. Each member came in with force and charisma, giving the track more respect than it anticipated. Don't Call Me isn't a song I would play a lot, but it's another solid addition to the group's strong discography.

Track 2: Heart Attack

Don't get fooled by the title track because this album is filled with some great surprises. The first great surprise is Heart Attack, which is closer to the classic SHINee sound. Songs like this show why SHINee is an enjoyable group to listen to. This dance track fires on all cylinders, providing addicting synth textures alongside great vocal melodies. We're only two songs in, but this album is setting us up for something greater.

Track 3: Marry You

Track 4: Code

Track 5: I Really Want You

THIS. IS. IT. When I talked about the album setting us up for something greater, this track is what I was eluding to. I Really Want You is the best song on the album, and quite possibly the best b-side of 2021! It's filled with energy, displaying amazing hooks

Track 6: Kiss Kiss

Track 7: Body Rhythm

Track 8: Attention

Track 9: Kind



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