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Album Review #2: Penny Rain (Aimer)

Updated: 6 days ago

This series explores the most critical aspect of an artist's work- a full studio album!

For this series, I review studio albums that deserve a score from 8.5-10 (out of 10). These are my opinions, so don't expect anything factual.

An album must have at least eight songs to qualify for this series. Finally, if an album went through repackaging and delivered new songs, I won't count those songs in the review.


Track 1: pluie

Since this track is all instrumental with no lyrics, this will not count in my review.

Track 2: I beg you

Combining a rock guitar with a middle-eastern sound makes I beg you sound impressive as it is hypnotic.

Aimer adds more to the alluring composition by delivering a spellbinding vocal performance, enhancing the song's mesmerizing soundscape.

Track 3: Black Bird

Undoubtedly my favorite song from this album!

After introducing itself with a dramatic, rock-fueled sound, Black Bird slowly circles back to the epic soundscape that provides a sense of complete dominance.

It's a powerful experience when the hook arrives!

Track 4: Sailing

The verses could've added more to make Sailing stand out, but the chorus and guitar-led closer are enough to give this track a solid production.

Track 5: Mabayui Bakari

Mabayui Bakari is my least favorite record from the album due to its uninspiring synth melody.

Track 6: Stand By You

I adore the nature of this song!

The opening is impressive, led by a thrilling combination of strings and guitar over a fast-paced rhythm. Afterward, Stand By You offers an aspiring musical adventure, making you appreciate every second of its composition!

Track 7: Ref:rain

Starting as a lovely piano-driven song, you would think Ref:rain would sound gentle until the finish line.

That assumption is proven wrong when the track blossoms into its explosive, majestical hook. It's like transporting from somewhere dull to somewhere outstanding!

Track 8: i-mage <in/AR>

i-mage <in/AR> is my second favorite song from this album, all thanks to its riveting chorus and galvanizing climax.

Its guitar creates a gratifying rhythm, making you feel like you're on cloud nine. Don't be surprised if you replay the opening - it's a killer!

Track 9; Hana no Uta

The vocal mixing could've been better, but it's a minor problem because Hana no Uta's is intensely enjoyable!

Track 10: April Showers

Compared to the rest, April Showers is the most soft-sounding track.

Aimer does a great job providing entrancing melodies over a fruitful piano and strings in this well-produced album closer. The chorus brings the best out of this track, only to get better from there.

It's only nine songs, but Penny Rain provides an exceptional listening experience!


Overall Rating: 9/10

My Top 3 Favorites: Black Bird, i-mage <in/AR>, I beg you

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