Album Review #2: Penny Rain (Aimer)

Updated: May 3

Image from: Izu's information repository: エメ(Aimer) 5th オリジナルアルバム(Original Album) 「Penny Rain」 (

A couple of rules for this series:

- I will ONLY review studio albums. That means no reviews on EPs, compilations, remix albums, etc.

- Repackaged album will NOT be included in the reviews

After I comment on each track, I will give my final rating and brief summary of the entire album. Enjoy!

Track 1: pluie

Since this track is all instrumental with no lyrics, this will not count in my review.

Track 2: I beg you

Mixing in both a Middle Eastern and rock sound, I beg you surprises with its hypnotic, yet alluring sound thanks to its impressive production and Aimer's vocals.

Track 3: Black Bird

Definitely my favorite track from this album! Black Bird grabs the listener's ears, due to its powerhouse chorus. The instrumentation punches one heck of a wallop, ensuring this is more than just your average radio song!

Track 4: Sailing

After being intimidated by Black Bird, we stumble upon a mellow track in Sailing. It starts out nice and slow, but the chorus decides to add in a few instruments to transform the song into something a bit better.

Track 5: Mabayui Bakari

Mabayui Bakari is actually my least favorite song from this record. It's a fine song, but I think it needed more time to improve its production. I'm not a big fan of the instrumental choice after the first chorus, just so you know. There's a strong song buried in here, for sure.

Track 6: Stand By You

Pairing with famed-singer TK, Stand By You is another highlight in this album. It's really all about that combination of the strings, guitar, and drums that carries the song to great heights!

Track 7: Ref:rain

To see my review of this song, click the link- Anime Endings Recommendation #1.

Track 8: i-mage <in/AR>

i-mage <in/AR> opens up beautifully with its addictive guitar riff, which is present throughout the track. Aimer provides uplifting vocal performances during the chorus and the song's final moments, giving us another exciting track to listen to!

Track 9; Hana no Uta

Hana no Uta opens up with a gorgeous instrumentation. The preparation for the chorus takes a while, but it's worth the wait! While I do think her vocals and the instruments during the hook can connect a bit more, I'm still impressed by the raw power both possess. It's like witnessing an awesome battle scene!

Track 10: April Showers

I think April Showers is one of Aimer's most recognizable songs, mainly due to the beautiful piano melody, as well as the breathtaking vocals she supplies us with. I also can't forget to mention about the remarkable strings that you'll hear during the first hook.


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