Album Review #2: Penny Rain (Aimer)

Updated: Sep 4

A couple of rules for this series:

- I will ONLY review studio albums. That means no reviews on EPs, compilations, remix albums, etc.

- Repackaged albums will NOT be included in the reviews

After I comment on each track, I will give my final rating and summary of the entire album. Enjoy!

Track 1: pluie

Since this track is all instrumental with no lyrics, this will not count in my review.

Track 2: I beg you

Track 3: Black Bird

Track 4: Sailing

Track 5: Mabayui Bakari

Track 6: Stand By You

Track 7: Ref:rain

Track 8: i-mage <in/AR>

Track 9; Hana no Uta

Track 10: April Showers


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