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Album Review #1: Wings (BTS)

Updated: 2 days ago

This series explores the most critical aspect of an artist's work- a full studio album!

For this series, I review studio albums that deserve a score from 8.5-10 (out of 10). These are my opinions, so don't expect anything factual.

An album must have at least eight songs to qualify for this series. Finally, if an album went through repackaging and delivered new songs, I won't count those songs in the review.


Track 1: Boy Meets Evil

Boy Meets Evil is J-Hope's solo track, serving as the album's intro.

BTS' main dancer ambitiously sing-raps through this haunting track, delivering a dramatic buildup towards an explosive EDM drop. The song is only two minutes, but it packs an impressive production for a short time.

Get ready because Wings offer more gems after this track!

Track 2: Blood Sweat & Tears

Blood Sweat & Tears is BTS' most artful single, blending moombahton and tropical house to create a gorgeous soundscape.

The highlights of this track are undoubtedly the pre-chorus and drop, which the song begins with. Jimin and Jungkook lead the way with the breathtaking pre-chorus (Jimin took the spotlight with his vocal performance!). Once that finishes, the song delivers its ultimate trump card - a catchy, ear-grabbing synth melody!

It's the case of transforming something trendy into something outstanding!

Track 3: Begin

This is when we learn more about each member as a soloist. We begin the Seven-course meal with Jungkook's Begin (see what I did there?).

There are some tasteful instrumental moments, but the composition is sometimes head-scratching. Luckily, Jungkook keeps it afloat with his infectious voice!

Track 4: Lie

Lie has to be my second favorite song from the album, all thanks to its dramatic nature and Jimin's alluring vocal tone.

His key change from the pre-chorus to the chorus is magnificent, and the frantic bridge is also a noteworthy highlight. After his fantastic vocal performance in Blood Sweat & Tears, it's only fair to give him a production like this to tackle - and tackle he did!

Track 5: Stigma

A track like Stigma brings the best out of V as a vocalist.

His deep, compelling voice matches well with a slow, groovy production like this one. The soundscape is solid, and V shows he can do more than sing in his normal range.

Track 6: First Love

Orchestral rap First Love pairs Suga's profound delivery with a stirring instrumental, providing potent emotions throughout its runtime.

The song starts with a peaceful piano-driven composition before exploding into a dramatic combination of Suga's rapping and strings, offering chilling intensity!

Track 7: Reflection

Reflection isn't something I would listen to a lot, but its contemplative nature is enough to keep me satisfied. The instrumental hook delivers solid escapism!

Track 8: MAMA

This seems to be the era for J-Hope, as he is the only member with two solo tracks.

MAMA differs from Boy Meets Evil, delivering a fun, upbeat urban composition that fits his sunny personality. The song earns bonus points for showing support for his mom!

Track 9: Awake

Driven by emotive strings and Jin's angelic voice, Awake arrives as a powerfully graceful ballad, effectively ending the solo parade.

Jin showcases his underappreciated vocal in this emotionally-pushed track, and it's so emotional that it makes you want to shed a tear - just listen to the song's heart-rending chorus!

Track 10: Lost

It's time for the vocal and rap lines to shine with their tracks!

First is the vocal line with their song Lost. All I can say is this track is a freaking bop!

Track 11: Cypher 4

After the outstanding vocal line track, the rap line arrives with Cypher 4.

However, this is my least favorite song from the album due to its instrumental and some rap deliveries.

Track 12: Am I Wrong?

I'm not a big fan of Am I Wrong?, though I appreciate how fun and quirky this country blues-inspired song sounds (though the lyrics are the opposite of the sound).

Track 13: 21st Century Girls

21st Century Girls is another track I wouldn't listen to on repeat. Even though the song is full of energy, the instrumental isn't satisfying.

Track 14: 2! 3!

2! 3! is a lovely song for ARMY, providing an undeniable warmth for their passionate fanbase.

But you know what a track like this needs? An emotional, concert-ready climax, which the song thankfully has!

Track 15: Interlude: Wings

How do you effectively end an album? With an infectious dance track, of course!

While relatively short, Interlude: Wings is energetic and catchy enough to provide a great listening experience, closing this lucrative album out with a bang!

Through 15(!) tracks, BTS delivered, perhaps, K-pop's best album of 2016!


Overall Rating: 9/10

My top 3 Favorites: Blood Sweat & Tears, Lie, Lost

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