Album Review #1: Wings (BTS)

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This series explores the most important aspect of an artist's work- a full album!

For this series, I review studio albums that I think are between 8 and 10 (out of 10). This is my opinion, so don't expect anything factual.

This also means the exclusion of any albums that aren't counted as studio albums (i.e. single, mini, repackage, etc.).


Track 1: Boy Meets Evil

Boy Meets Evil is J-Hope's solo track, which serves as the album's intro. This song starts Wings off with a bang, allowing J-Hope to deliver an emotive vocal-rap performance over an intense EDM-like instrumental. If you want a great album intro, this is a shining example of one!

Track 2: Blood Sweat & Tears

From Jimin's breathtaking opening lines to the infectious instrumental riff during the drop, Blood Sweat & Tears is nothing short of ethereal. It remains as BTS' most artful single to date, blending moombahton and tropical house to create a gorgeous piece of production.

Track 3: Begin

From here, each member is given a solo track, one after another. We begin the "Seven-course meal" with Jungkook's solo track Begin (see what I did there?). Begin is fine, but the instrumental is a bit "off." Still, Jungkook keeps it afloat with his infectious vocals!

Track 4: Lie

Aside from the single, Wings is stuffed with b-sides that are worthy of matching Blood Sweat & Tear's quality. If I had to choose the representative, it has to be Jimin's Lie. It carries on the artistic quality of the group. This is the perfect style for Jimin, given that he's a contemporary dancer. Lie is stunning and dramatic!

Track 5: Stigma

While V doesn’t show off a lot of vocal range, his baritone voice is enough to hook in the ears. His singing style is the perfect complement to Stigma’s production, which tackles the neo-soul genre. I did say V doesn’t show off a lot of vocal range, but his unexpected, yet enticing high note during Stigma’s climax shows he can provide more than what he was given.

Track 6: First Love

Track 7: Reflection

Track 8: MAMA

This seems to be the era for J-Hope, as he's the only member with two solo tracks. MAMA is different from Boy Meets Evil, tackling a more uplifting sound. Pairing MAMA’s instrumental with J-Hope's sunny personality was a perfect match!

Track 9: Awake

Jin doesn’t get enough attention as the others do in terms of vocals, but Awake proves he can single-handedly carry a song with his voice. From his affectionate singing to the instrumentation’s gorgeous strings, this song is yet another highlight that strengthens the album’s production.

Track 10: Lost

After a series of solo songs, it’s time for the vocal line and rap line to take control back-to-back. First up is the vocal line with the track Lost.

Track 11: Cypher 4

Cypher 4 is my least favorite song from the album (and quite possibly BTS' entire discography). This hip-hop track wasted the rap line's talent that was showcased here. The instrumental is unpleasant to listen to.

Track 12: Am I Wrong?

Track 13: 21st Century Girls

This is another track I’m not satisfied with. Even though 21st Century Girls has a good message and is full of energy, I feel like the instrumental halted the song’s potential from growing.

Track 14: 2! 3!

Track 15: Interlude: Wings

How do you end an adventurous album? With an infectious dance track, of course! While it’s relatively short, Interlude: Wings energetic sound is enough to satisfy the ears. It’s the right way to end a lucrative album.



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