Album Review #1: Wings (BTS)

Updated: Sep 4

A couple of rules for this series:

- I will ONLY review studio albums. That means no reviews on EPs, compilations, remix albums, etc.

- Repackaged albums will NOT be included in the reviews

After I comment on each track, I will give my final rating and summary of the entire album. Enjoy!

Track 1: Boy Meets Evil

Boy Meets Evil is J-Hope's solo track, which serves as the album's intro. With that fact, it needs to start us off on the right path. Fortunately, the song distributes right, with J-Hope delivering an emotive vocal-rap performance over an intense EDM-like instrumental. It's the right sound to begin the Wings journey!

Track 2: Blood Sweat & Tears

From Jimin's breathtaking opening lines to the infectious instrumental riff during the hook, Blood Sweat & Tears is nothing short of ethereal. It remains as BTS' most artful single to date, blending moombahton and tropical house to create a gorgeous piece of production.

Track 3: Begin

Though we hit the album's peak with its single, the real treat starts here. Each member is given a solo track, one after another. Thus, we begin the "Seven-course meal" with Jungkook's solo track Begin (see what I did there?).

Track 4: Lie

Track 5: Stigma

Track 6: First Love

Track 7: Reflection

Track 8: MAMA

Track 9: Awake

Track 10: Lost

Track 11: Cypher 4

Track 12: Am I Wrong?

Track 13: 21st Century Girls

Track 14: 2! 3!

Track 15: Interlude: Wings


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